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Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

How was your week? Anything interesting to report? I think I do… I might have started to notice a new trend in our genre. Lately, in almost every book I’ve read from an established author in our genre, the lovin’ was postponed to around 2/3 in. When the FSOG craze hit the market we saw the relative fast capitulation by the lady. Her resolve to stay away from her billionaire’s magnetism crumbling along with the speedy turns of our pages. Then came the rise of first-page nooky. Quick, hard and dirty was the name of the game, but the hook-up eventually evolved into a deep and lasting connection. Now we’re seeing a host of stories where there is some sort of reason that make romantic liaisons impossible until very late in the tale. Is it only me, or do you see it too? Tell me what you think, girls. I can’t say I mind. If the story is gripping I don’t particularly care when the joyous joining occurs, but it makes me curious to see what comes next. 

This week I read:


Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters, book 1 in the Truth and Lies Duet series. This was a strong rec and an interesting read for me from a writer’s perspective. Firstly, the tale is a fresh take on your standard boy-meets-girl. It had lots of unusual and creative plot lines, all of which makes for a good read. However, the author’s research lets her great story down. Personally, I get stuck on serious plot holes and this one is riddled. It’s a helluva’ pity. If you can read over the gaps, she’s written great characters woven into an engaging idea. Thank you for the gift, Katherine! 😉 I wish I could edit her book and make it as awesome as it could be.

Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre was a sad disappointment. Throughout the book it felt as if she was building up to the gobsmacking twists that she’s known for, but, as I saw the place line on the bottom of my e-book’s page inch closer and closer to the end, I realised that there was less and less time for the excitement I sensed gathering to play out. In the end, the HEA was flat and gratuitous, it left so many important plot points unexplored, unanswered that I felt utterly deflated as a result. What a shame. 😔

Currently I’m reading:

When It’s Real by Erin Watt.

Before I sign off, let’s look at what June will bring thanks to Goodreads:

I’m particularly excited about the This Man novella and the new one from Christina Lauren. 🎉 Usually I wouldn’t hesitate to click that pre-order button on the latter, but the theme sounds so much like their first book in the Beautiful series, Beautiful Bastard. I loved the whole series, but BB was my least favorite, and I’m not particularly keen on a repeat. If you’re going to jump at their latest offering, please let me know if we’re getting another Chloe and Bennet, or if it feels completely new.

Let me leave you with this funny visual…


Have a beautiful weekend, girls. Hope you spend it relaxing with a good book!

14 thoughts on “Between the covers book 

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, I’m sorry Crown of Lies didn’t do it for you, I really enjoyed it.
    I’m so glad I waited to read your review on Trophy Wife, I think I’ll give it a miss.
    So this week I read Hundreds, book 3 of the Dollar Series, loving this series more with each book I read. Unfortunately I have to wait until August for the next book 😩
    I’m currently reading Provocative by Lisa Renee Jones, this is a new author for me but I’m enjoying it a lot. Monique did you ever read Prestons Honor by Mia Sheridan? I don’t think she would let you down.
    I’ve also noticed that authors aren’t jumping straight into sex, personally I prefer getting more of a connection before they jump into bed just my opinion 😉
    Have a great week everyone xx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Katherine 🤗 No apology necessary, girlfriend. I can SEE the appeal, but my details mind is like a ferret, sniffing out I discrepancies like food, and then getting stuck on them. Sometimes I wish I could overlook stuff like that, especially in the context of books where the make-believe nature means that the finer details aren’t that important. But I love that you thought of me! Thank you again. 😘
      No, I’ve not read Mia’s new book, but you’re right. She’s always good for a great read. Did I tell you she sold the rights for Arthur’s Voice?
      I get slammed with promotional emails from Lisa Renee Jones, it irritates me so much that out of principle I’ve not read any of her books. But perhaps I should get over myself and try one. She’s certainly prolific! Holy smokes, she’s got books coming out of her ears.
      I’m with you in the late start, Katherine. I much prefer waiting and seeing emotions grow before the physical stuff, way more that the first page wham-bam-thank-you-mam! 😝 Have a good week, lovely lady! 😉


      • Katherine says:

        I loved that book it will be interesting to see what they do with it, series or film. I am so glad you have so much information about our favourite reads, I had no idea that JEM was writing a novella, I’ve preordered it, really looking forward to seeing how Jesse is doing 😁 I know that some of the other ladies on here don’t particularly like Jesse and you know I thought he was a complete nutcase but I adored the This Man Series and quite honestly haven’t enjoyed anything else from her so really excited for it.


        • Monique Lain says:

          Yeah, her last two series were not great, Katherine. I started both, with The One Night series I never moved past book one, and The Protector left me cold. I’m a little hesitant for the new one, it seems to be written for a whole new set of characters, but Jesse features in an advice capacity. But it is nice and long for a novella, 128 pages I thunk. And Jesse IS absolutely bonkers, but I love him anyway! 😂😂


  2. Tara says:

    Monique, Have you read any of LJ Shen? I started with “Vicious” and it was fantastic. He is one of four ‘Hot Holes’. He is a bastard you totally fall for. Then I read some of her first books, “Sparrow” and “Tyed”. I enjoyed them all. She has a new realease called “Ruckus” and am reading this weekend. Another ‘Hothole’ story. Thought I would pass it along. All bought on Amazon. Thanks for the tip on A Torres latest. I will wait on that one! Yes looking forward to the new JEM book, did not care for The protector, so looking forward to the new one!



  3. Sharon says:

    I’ve read some Lisa Renee Jones that I quite enjoyed, then noticed many of the follow up series were novellas. I don’t mind a novella here and there, but as a rule I avoid them as I feel they just clutter up my reader. So I’m out of the habit of looking at her books.
    I’m lollygagging about in re-read old favorites land. Currently enjoying some Kristen Ashley Colorado men, not too sure where I am headed next.
    And I much prefer to get to know book characters before they get busy with the wild thang. Don’t know if it is a trend, or just the books we’ve been selecting lately…..but it works for me!!
    Haven’t had my Darker DVD time yet, hopefully soon. Life is too crazy busy these days. Happy reading!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oohh, that is a pain, Sharon! I don’t know why they can’t just put it all in one decent size book. Novellas are only for in between tidbits as far as I’m concerned! 😋 And going back to old book flames is a lovely pleasure. Funny how somethings never get old!
      Yes, yes, and hells yes for the knowing before the hook-up. I find the whole rough and ready thing a bit of a turn-off.
      Yup, life is all its crazy complicated facets can certainly conspire to keep one distracted. Hopefully you’ll find time for R&R shortly. Happy week, girlfriend 😘


  4. MAC says:

    Hi Girlfriends!!
    I do concur with the Trophy Wife was a miss for me. I am finding a lot of the books as you say wait longer to take the sexy plunge, I also note in my last 3 reads it’s Chapter 13!! How weird is that!
    I have totally loved the Helen Hardt series “Steel Brothers” and just finished latest “Surrender”. I know we shy away from multiples ( in the book area only) 😜 But this has been a great series for me. She has kept the pace. Kept the story going deeper and the connections of each brother and their story builds to the next. So I haven’t felt like she is drawing out what could all be done in fewer books…In case you all want a series to connect with.
    Hahahaha, I also got a little hooked on “the dirty series” (big surprise, I know…) yup “blew threw those puppies in a weekend!!” Waiting for the next.
    Gonna look up some on the new list. I LOVE our list it helps narrow it down at least, so thanks for that Monique. I have been on a little Meghan March crush lately as well.
    My daughter has accepted an exchange to UK University in fall…she is so excited. With my baby set free I will need to lean on my LOGS to provide distraction and entertainment!! 💋

    MAC 😎🇱🇷


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi girlfriend! 🤗 Yeah, lots of unhappy faces re the Torre read. How sad. And do we shy away from multiples? Really? I don’t mind a good series, provided of courses that, like you say, an author doesn’t drag it out for the sake of selling more books. And just for the record, (insert naughty grin here), I don’t mind multiples of the partner variety either! 😉😉
      Which Dirty series are you referring to, girl? But I’m happy to be of service! 😘
      Oh my! Congratulations daughter! Well done!! That’s fantastic! 👍🏻👍🏻 #ProudMama! 🎉 I COMPLETELY understand the hodge podge of emotions you must be feeling about your little bird flying the coop. Being a mum is HARD! Having a little piece of your soul running around in this world is as wonderful as it’s disconcerting. Feel free to crow about her victories and cry in our shoulders for comfort when you feel that sharp pluck on your heartstrings. Hugs! 😘


  5. MAC says:

    Hi Hi… read your recommended Dirty Girl set then went back to the Dirty Billionaire and there was 3 of them…just got the newest match to Real Dirty!! Heehee sounds like we need a bath!!
    In mid”joystick” read slow to get there, if ya know what I mean. I have the new “turning series one” but have to be in mood for that same as the …betrayal set from
    Okay…Joystick so yawny. No punch, no real plot even though there could have been the elements were there but its was a skimmer…she never dove beneath and you knew no more about the characters of Henley and Max at the end then you did at the start. Come on put some love into it. Put some depth into it. Put something into it!!💤💤💤


    • MAC says:

      Heehee was so sidetracked by Joystick “fell asleep mid sentance” … The Betrayal, Cunning series by Aleatha takes a lot of concentration. Oh hey going i to the Nicole Edwards new book…she is the queen of menage. Well one of the queens!!!! 💋 MAC


      • Monique Lain says:

        Wahahaha! Yup, some folks should stick to the a classic trio instead of going for the fiver. Romig’s story was good, but not great. And you can NEVER go wrong with Nicole’s H.O.T triangles…. Enjoy, girlfriend!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh yes, I remember. Thank you for reminding me. So glad you had a big ol’ dirty time with them! 🙂 And I hear you on the flat reads. It’s hard to put your finger on why books like the one you mention flop, but yeah, that elusive X factor! Gotta’ show some of that goodness. Thanks for coming back to me, girlfriend! 😉


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