Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies – all the way from a rainy Brisvegas. Not that I can complain about the weather today. Surprisingly, despite the wet, it’s not too cold. Phew. 👍🏻

Before I kick off my post, I wanted to share this mega fail with you, one that made me laugh as much as it made me cringe! Imagine spoiling yourself with these… uhm…. earrings! Eeeeewwwww. 😱

Oh dear, right? You have to ask yourself what the designer was thinking. Looks like somebody’s aim was a little off…. LOL! 😂😂

Then, as I was trolling through YouTube this afternoon, I came across some scenes that didn’t make it into Darker. The first clip is my favourite. Despite the lack of sound and poor image quality, this clip from the masked ball just seemed like MORE to me…

The pool table…

On The Grace…

And if you want to see a fan’s vision of Freed, check out this happy family edit:

Lastly, are you up for a boudoir adventure? Then see this Cosmo article on how to recreate Fifty style lovin’…

Have fun and don’t strain anything! LOL! 😉😂

This week I read:


Black Tie Optional by Ann Marie Walker, book 1 in the Wild Wedding series, was a cute read. Nothing too angsty, the perfect in-betweener. A relaxed and easy read.

His Princess by Alexa Riley, book 1 in The Princess series, was the first book that’s ever prompted me to write a snarky review on Goodreads. Normally I don’t leave reviews on Goodreads because I review here, but I was so incensed with the contrived insta-sex banality of this book that I couldn’t help myself. Add to that some no-no grammar and I was on my soapbox quicker than you could say cum! Given my rant you can probably tell it went straight onto my DNF pile. #NotHappy

Currently I’m reading:


Vicious by L.J. Shen, book 1 in the Sinners of Saint series and Real Dirty by Meghan March, book 1 in the Real Dirty Duet series.

On my shelf I have:

The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley, book 2 in the Honey series.


Have a great weekend, girls. See ya next week.

17 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Mon and ladies,
    I didn’t see a bun in those earrings until you said what it was lol they look disgusting 😲
    So this week I read Fighting with Honor by KC Lynn, load of rubbish and very short not worth the money. Then one of my pre-orders arrived on my kindle, Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett not sure when I ordered it or even why but so glad I did I loved it great storyline and very hot sex! I then attempted to read Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren I got first chapter read then put it to the side, I was bored to tears and it also reminds me of another one of their books I’ve read I might go back to it not too sure.
    I have spent the rest of the week re-visiting with Jessie can’t go wrong there.
    I’ve read both the books you’re reading atm hope you enjoy them.
    Have a great week everyone x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey girlfriend 🤗 I see we both got a dose of sucky bookitus this week. Oh well. Can’t win them all. 😂 When I read the premise to the new Christina Lauren book it reminded me so much of their first in the Beautiful series; Beautiful Bastard, that it stopped me from purchasing. Chloe and Bennet’s angry love was not my thing. I’m surprised I gave the series another chance after that. Luckily I enjoyed the rest. I think I’ll steer clear of DYHY. Thanks for the heads up. Hope the poor reading was just a blimp and you’ll be back to only stellar reads this week! Have a good one, lovely. 😘


  2. Shirley Wilkinson says:

    Thanks for the laugh:-) I thought the earrings looked like melted earwax.,I’m glad I read on to see your thoughts on them.
    I have just finished the latest book from Jewel. E. Ann, When Life Happens, is an unbelievably, unputdownable winner. Has some unseen twists that will leave you gasping. It’s high on the best seller list. 🙂


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Shirley. 🤗 Oohh, unputdownable, huh? That sounds WONDERFUL! 😉 Thank you for the rec. I see I have 2 of her books on my to-read list. Not sure why I’ve not taken the plunge. Can you recommend one to start with?


      • Shirley Wilkinson says:

        Hi Monique. She’s written so many. Each one is a delight. Every story is very different. But I think for a first read, I would highly recommend ; Undeniably You. The story takes you in different directions. You will laugh and cry ugly tears. But many of Jewel Ann ‘s fans re read this one in particular. It’s on my, Re-Read list too? Enjoy. 🙂


  3. Sandi says:

    Have you read the March books (5) beginning with
    Dirty Billionaire ? They are fun reads with great twists
    In each book. I think the Real Dirty series are set
    After the first 5, I’m just getting to them. Bottom line
    Very enjoyable!


  4. Sandi says:

    Me again…. Real Good Men and Real Good Love are after the first 5 … then this one .

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  5. Sharon says:

    wow- those earrings are nasty!!!! I def did not even remotely think cinnamon bun!
    Started the first book in Kristen Ashley Honey series. Not grabbing me yet….but I’ll keep going.
    I’ve been reading a paranormal series that is composed of fairly quick reads, but enjoying them. Not our kind of hot at all. Don’t think I’ve gotten even one good kiss out of the one romance in the series and I’m starting book 4. Still good. Figure the honey books will provide plenty of hot.
    I enjoyed the Jack and Jill Series by Jewel Ann. LOVED the first book, had a lot of humor in it, books 2 & 3 were darker than expected….but still liked the series. I’ll have to try Undeniably You.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey lovely! 🤗 How are you? The Honey series is pretty steaming, but *spoiler alert*, the tail plugging gets a little old by the end. Still, 100% Kirsten and dialled up a few heat notches- just as she promised. 😉 And oh dear for your missing kisses! Can’t have that! The Honey will DEFINITELY make up for that! 😂 I’m looking forward to the Jewel Ann book! I bought Undeniably You. Will let ya’ll know when I’m done. Currently losing myself in Meghan March… 😘


  6. Lissa Jeri says:

    Very excited to see that there’s a new Jason Luke, Man and Master. Bumped into it on Amazon and literally felt my breathing getting shallower and faster and my heart racing. OMG…loved his first two books…well, the ones that I’ve read. Cannot wait to start the book.

    Last week read Sweet Barbarian….emphasis on a sweet book. Not exactly my kind of writing, but I salvaged a good read about Visigoths on Wikipedia and had a nice discussion about them (no, not the book) with The Hubby, the historian. Will admit I got hung up on how she was going to document the barbarian in this digital age. No birth certificate, etc. How was that gonna work? No prob b/c no sequel…lol…Wasn’t any problem when Diana Gabaldon did it in reverse.
    Speaking of which, finished reread of Outlander and have gotten into Dragonfly in Amber. Want to finish that before the third book/series Voyager starts in the fall at which point I can read along.

    Also started Love Chloe…Alessandra Torre. At the start, I was annoyed with the spoiled character, etc, but I’m finding her learning curve sort of real. Torre’s take on the Madoff family issues so far is annoying but I have a feeling I know why and what will happen. I just think that the TV show The Good Fight’s “Madoff” daughter is more real and better realized. However, what I’m really enjoying is the teasing in the book of popping in lots of “meet cute” guys so, even tho you know one of them will be it, you don’t know which one and you get sucked in each time. So much better than having “the one” appear and stay and there’s no guesswork.


    • Sharon says:

      Yes, Sweet Barbarian was on the fluffy side. Very Sweet and Very little Barbarian, but totally adorable. Still finding myself looking outside wishing for a) snow and b) a sweet barbarian waiting for ME to rescue him. And teach him…..things.
      I loved Jason Luke, but haven’t read any more since his first two “Interview with a Master” books. Didn’t even realize that there was a third one in that series. He’s written more than I realized, let us know what you think of Man and Master.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Lissa. 🤗 I enjoyed the first Jason Luke book, but the second? Not so much. Let us know how you go with the third!
      Barbarian was very sweet, and as I recall, I did mention the implausible plot in my review, but no denying he is a cutie! 😉
      I also enjoyed Love Chloe, but lately I’m missing the out-of-nowhere curveball she used to throw so well. I wonder why she stopped. Her last book had me hoping, but alas, ’twas not to be. 😝 Have a good one, girlfriend. Happy week! 👍🏻


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