Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

I’ve wanted to share this with you for ages but couldn’t figure out how to until now. My birthday is long gone, but Sharon blessed me with this cool clip on the day…

 How fantastic is that? I felt very special! ❤️ This awesome ecard and more is available from American Greetings

I saw this on the @LatersBabyFR Twitter page, printable Fifty calendars from the Love Fifty Shades site.

Nifty, huh? 👍🏻

I always admire the edits people do for YouTube. The time and energy that goes into producing something for the sheer pleasure of sharing. This one is no different. From Twitter @50ShadesFierce, Toy Story gets a Grey makeover…

Buzz makes for an interesting Mr Grey. I like when his wings spring into action. 😉

Then, MORE from Sharon – quite literally. Focus Times reports on a new male record holder, a 48.5cm/19.1 inches long record, if you catch my drift…. I’m not sure if I should be impressed or horrified! 😳

This week I read:

Grey by E.L. James – for the second time. Actually, I didn’t read it but listened to it via Audible, and boy, was it fun?! I enjoyed it a WHOLE lot more than the first time. That voice! Just. Wow. Thank you, Lissa for redirecting my attention back to Christian.

Currently I’m reading:

Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland and Their Virgin Hostage by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake, book 5 in the Masters of Menage series.

Here’s to stating the obvious…


I hope your week ahead is filled with fabulous reads, girls.

14 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Mon & ladies 19″?! I would run for my life lol but im impressed 😂
    I had a fab reading week whoohoo I started by reading The Unhinged Series by Nicole Edwards it was 3 books called Unhinged, Unravelling and Chaos. These were very different from what I usually read from this author MF but still great storyline and hot!
    I then clicked on an author I’d never read before just because I was at a loss of what to read and I have to say I have a new BB who is a sexy Aussie Dr lol I read Dr Stanton by TL Swan loved this book great storyline and hot hot hot. I also read another book by the same author to make sure the previos wasn’t a fluke I read Play Along again really enjoyed it so I will be deffo reading more of her or his work.
    Have a great week ladies xx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Katherine 🤗 I feel sorry for the bloke! Could ANY woman take that?? The mind boggles.
      Wow! You did have a fantastic reading week. That’s wonderful. And you discovered a new author. I’ll have to check her out. Perhaps I’ll meet this sexy Aussie BB. 😉😉 Great hearing from you, girlfriend 😘


  2. Lissa Jeri says:

    You’re welcome about the audio-Grey. The reader’s voice, a true inner voice, is just marvelous. Even went so far as to go to his website and see what else he’s read…like an audio groupie.
    I’m up to the Saint in the Sinner series and am having withdrawal that I have to wait for the next one since there are two holds ahead of me. But downloaded another of her side-Sinners stuff. Reisz’ universe is simply amazing even tho Soren the sadist is not my thing, but Soren the person is…and I think that’s part of the extreme appeal.
    At LAX about to leave for Beijing. 2 1/2 wk of adventures and then back to regular life.
    Best to everyone,


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Lissa 🤗 Mmhhhh, yes, I think I could listen to him reading the phone book and be happy.
      I agree with you on Soren, I ADORE him as a man and character, but the sadist in him scares the cr@p out of me. Not my thing, but damn, she writes it so well! Have you read any of the novella series yet? They are equally as nourishing despite being short, especially if you read them back to back. Personally I hate when a writer does that. I much prefer buying a single, longer book, but in this case they really are separate little sorties.
      Enjoy Beijing, girlfriend. Off to another adventure! I don’t know how you stand the traveling time on planes so frequently. I admire your commitment to living your dream. Enjoy, Lissa 🌸


  3. Sharon says:

    Monique, you finally figured out how to post your card! Aren’t you brilliant – good for you! I love sending electronic cards, this one without a doubt has been the favorite!
    And 19.1″… thank you, he can keep that ridiculous thang to himself!!!
    I’ve finished the 2nd Thea Harrison book in the Moonshadow series. Think a 3rd is supposed to come out later this year. Did not like this cover, which typically does not mean good things….but LOVED both books. Very loosely wrapped around the King Arthur story, I (very smugly) figured out exactly what was going to happen from the beginning of the book. And I was completely wrong. And I don’t understand why. I have a list of questions for that author!! But great read with my ending or hers!
    Not sure what is next….but you’ve certainly intrigued me with the Grey audio! Sounds VERY interesting!!!!
    Safe travels, Lissa!! Think I want to be you when I grow up!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! I wish it was smarts, Sharon! I finally gave up and just filmed the screen. Sadly the sound is a bit cr@ppy, but at least I have a copy. It’s the best ecard EVA’! ❤️
      Sounds like you had a great reading week. But it’s always a bit sad to say goodbye to a series you loved or if you have to waiting for another book in the range to come! *sigh* #FirstWorldProblems 😂
      And OH HELLS YESSSSS for the voice in The Grey Audible! So yummy! Like melted caramel. Let me know what you think if you go for it! Happy week, girlfriend 😘

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  4. MAC says:

    Hi Girlfriends…
    Firstly, “Beautiful Mistake”. It is not a secret that I love her writing but if you have read this book I am wondering if these thoughts passed through your head too? Spoiler if you haven’t read maybe 😜 So Monique did you not think that the sisters kid is in fact Caine’s. I mean she made the point of having him say “he slept with her older sister once” then he meets her but no recognition? It just felt like she had another story to tell us but there is not another book. Maybe the beauty lies in the fact that she lets us wonder. Or even if we picked up on the clues?? Did you think it had the punch of her other books we love. The length is consistent cause I absolutely hate buying a book and its like 12 chapters total!!
    I am finishing up the turning series…

    😎 MAC


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey girlfriend. 🤗 Huh. I must’ve completely missed the mention of him sleeping with her sister! How very tardy of me! I usually don’t miss plot lines like that. I’m horrified! LOL! So, no. I didn’t think that because I missed it altogether! 😜 I was a little curious about the girl mentioned in the photos when Rachel searched the net for him and his band at the start. Initially I assumed that it was “the little girl” or her sister that he took under his wing once he found out what was happening to her at home. Obviously this was before I tweaked that the little girl was Rachel.
      On the punch question, I have to say that I agree, I still gave it 4 stars but this one didn’t make it into my fav list. If you ever happen to find the spot where they make mention of the sister lovin’ please let me know. I will have to do a quick reread. That’ll change quite a bit of context!
      Thank you for checking in! 😘


      • MAC says:

        I will check back but he says it to himself in the comfessional while he is waiting for her to come and she does not show up. It was a quick one sentance “I was always with her but she was young, never found out I slept with her sister”… He is describing when they were gonna run away and the sister was loose!! I will def. try to find it. See I thought the straggled girl was going to be Rachels sister on drugs, right? But never mentioned that. The he said he slept with her once and then the sister has a kid but the dad is not identified. But see there were a lot of frayed edges, even that one about the girl in the picture. It does not say its a duet or anything. Strange.
        Thanks for answering back! I just bought JEM “Forbidden” better not disappoint me JEM!! Cause Jesse is a hard one to beat!!


        • Monique Lain says:

          Huh. Still shocked that I missed such a vital part! I must’ve been in a daze! 😜
          I’m reading Forbidden at the moment. What do you think about her foreword? I have a theory…. 😉


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