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Hello, lovely Ladies of Grey ;)

It’s been lovely to see a whole host of new readers on the blog – welcome, girls :)

Apart from masses of Grey reviews there seems to be little news on the Fifty front. However, Angelique shared the following…

A beautiful montage of movie kisses….


(I’m not sure who we have to thank for this lovely editing job but thank you anyway!)

And a closer look at the toys in the playroom….






Oh my…. ;) 


This week I read:

p sc

Pucked by Helena Hunting, book one in the Pucked series, was nothing short of a phenomenally fun read. I laughed so hard at times I felt ridiculous doing it out loud. For the great humour in the steamy read I’m happy to say I have another book to add to my Best of the Best list! Yay!

BOB png

It’s funny though, because I’ve read a previous book from her that I didn’t enjoy at all; so much so that I didn’t bother finishing it. But the romantic comedy thing? She’s got it down pat.

Sincerely Carter by Whitney Gracia Williams was a cute little read. I enjoyed it but it didn’t make the earth move for me.

Currently I’m reading:


The Offer by Karina Halle.

On my shelf I have:


Trouble by Samantha Towle. Since rediscovering this great author I’m reading everything I can get my hot little hands on! ;)


Yesss! I want one! LOL!

That’s it from me for today, girls. I hope you have a great Sunday and please, share your awesome book finds with us!

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Spanish chapter and news

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I hope the week is treating you well. 

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For the Spanish readers, I’ve just posted chapter 55 in the sidebar. Enjoy it thanks to Kereny’s hard work ;)

Then, as expected, E.L. James is most likely doing book two, Fifty Shades Darker, in Christian’s POV also.

See the details – thanks to Susan – in this Hollywood Life article.

We’ll be waiting, Erika :) 


Bye, ladies. We’ll chat on Sunday unless something BIG happens in our little world…

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Between the covers book club – Grey – spoiler alert!

Hello, lovely ladies :)

So? Have you deserted your lives, and jobs, partners and children to play with Mr Grey? Has he swept you off of your feet or are you surprised by CG’s internal dialogue? But before I get to that, as the (fictional) man himself had a birthday this week, the world went Grey mad….

This clip from the Today Show – thanks to Susan :) 

And the girls from the Laters, Baby site celebrated by attending a special birthday party…

Lucky ladies, huh? 

Then, without further ado, let’s talk about Grey….



Please DO NOT read the review if you don’t want to hear my thoughts on Grey!

This week I read:


Grey by E.L. James, book four in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Honestly, this is the first time I’m a little nervous to share a review. Let me start by expressing my expectations for this surprise book. I don’t believe we generally read a POV book because we want more of the story because, having read the original POV, we already know the tale. Rather, we enjoy POV books because it gives us MORE in another sense; they show us the thoughts and feelings, the internal struggles, and the melting moments that we could only have guessed at when we’ve read it from the first person’s POV. So, I expected nothing less from Grey. I wanted more of Christian in Grey, I wanted to see his reticence burn to ash, the absolute confoundment that he must have felt when this innocent woman scrambled his rigid world into the chaos that we call love, and the shock of that love hitting him like a two-by-four despite him not even recognizing the feeling when it hit. Also, Erika took a lot of flack for sloppy editing so I expected this book to be edited to perfection, absolutely flawless.

So? How did I feel reading my first book boyfriend’s thoughts? Initially a little detached. It took me a long time to get into the book, especially if I compared it with the way the original series gripped me – and by grip I mean grabbed me by the shirt collar with both hands and refused to let go! I found Christian’s thoughts to be on the light side. The frequent one-word exclamations expressing his feelings left me hanging. Yes, he’s a guy and probably not that deep when it comes to sex (at least not in the beginning) but it was pretty clear to me, even from the start of book one, that he was experiencing something new, something different, with Ana.

Take the following passage as an example:


This is an excerpt from the scene at Ana’s graduation ceremony where Kate introduces Christian to Ray as Ana’s boyfriend. I certainly don’t claim to do it better, but for the sake of explaining myself I inserted something along the lines of what I actually expected. I feel she missed so many opportunities to expound on his annoyance/surprise/frustrations/add your adjective of choice…. It has been suggested to me that over the course of the books this may change as Christian slowly gets in touch with his inner hearts-and-flowers guy – thank you, Susan ;) I sincerely hope this is the case.

Having said that, I did eventually, at around 35% in, get into the book and enjoyed reading about GC’s world and the way Ana challenged and frustrated him. I found the level of animosity between him and Kate an interesting insight, and I also liked the additional material relating to his family; his feelings towards Elliot, Mia, and especially Carrick. It was fascinating to note that Christian feels that he let his father down by both his teenage years wayward behaviour as well as the choice he made by dropping out of Harvard and starting a business. I knew that his father didn’t approve of the choice at the time, but since Christian succeeded so spectacularly, I assumed that decision was water under the bridge. Instead it’s another aspect that plays further into his self-loathing, only adding more layers to the baggage he carries in his hurt heart. The end of the book is what saved it for me, and it wasn’t because it was new material but rather because James delved deep into Christian’s mind, following his path of self discovery, internalisation and rationalization right back to Ana’s doorstep. Why she didn’t follow this vein throughout the book remains to be seen…

As far as the editing is concerned I’m extremely surprised to say that some mistakes still slipped through, and it is worthwhile mentioning that there are some minute changes in the conversation from the original, but nothing big enough to mention. Personally, I’m not nuts about the appearance of vulva and labia – nothing sexy about vulva, though I know Erika also took a lot of heat for using the word “sex” when referring to Ana’s vejayjay. The other thing that I found really odd is Ana’s change of hairstyle from book one. In Fifty Shades of Grey, after their first night, she ties her hair in pigtails, but in Grey, Christian describes it as braids. My hubby suggested that as CG is a guy he probably doesn’t know the difference between pigtails and braids, but Christian frequently braids Ana’s hair so I’m sure this is not the case….

So, those are my thoughts in a nutshell. I’m very keen to hear how you experienced it, girls ;)

Facebook’s 50 Shades of Grey Support features Book Bub Blog‘s delicious excerpts from Grey…

I also read:


Revved by Samantha Towle, book one in the Revved series, was fantastic. A great mix of drama, hotness, and sweet, sweet love. This one is definitely going on my favorites list.

On my shelf I have:


Pucked by Helena Hunting.

same thing

LOL! ;)

That’s it from me, girls. Don’t forget to share your latest and greatest books with us! :)

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It’s here….

 Look what I have!!! Yay!! I’m almost scared to start because I know, once I do, it will be over too soon…. 


See you on Sunday. Let’s talk Grey! ;)

Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies :)

How is your weekend going? Only days to go before we can all read Grey. Isn’t it cool that we’ll probably all be reading it at the EXACT same time? I think it’s AWESOME! I’m excited for next weekend’s book club to hear your thoughts…. 

Speaking of, I’m sure you’ve seen the theft allegations surrounding the manuscript of Grey. This article about said possible theft by ET Canada is certainly interesting but sadly, leaves us with little clarity on the matter. I, however, just have to say my piece: if you happen upon an illegal copy, just for a moment, consider the joy this story has brought you and ask yourself if the author doesn’t deserve the credit and the cash for the gift she’s given you. 

DON’T steal! It’s NOT sexy!

On the lighter side (literally) here are some shades of gray to make you smile :) No more ink in the kitty printer….


Then, as things are finally happening with Darker, The Stir keeps us in the loop. 

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The Spanish readers will be thrilled with Kereny’s latest contribution. Please find capitulo 54 in the sidebar :) 


This week I read:

tb t

Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey, book one in the Bliss series, was not my idea of Bliss. While the story was okay, the inconsistencies in her writing was maddening. A poolside read at best.

Temptation by Nicole Edwards, book two in the Club Destiny series, was a delicious take on MMF. VERY naughty but oh-so nice. Be warned though – HOT menage action galore!

Currently I’m reading:


Taming the Storm by Samantha Towle, book three in The Storm series. I’ve actually forgotten about this great author. I really enjoyed the first two books and I’m happy to see that the third seems right up there with the previous ones. It also doesn’t hurt that Samantha offers a little help for the imagination on her site. Check out the guys that make up Vintage….


Something for everyone, huh? *wink, wink*

On my shelf I have:


(Well, almost! It  will be grace my virtual shelf on Thursday – yay!) Grey by EL James, book four in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I CANNOT wait!


What an exciting week for us, girls!


True story…. LOL!

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, LOGs (winks to MAC). We’ll have a BIG chat next Sunday about our number one book boyfriends’ POV!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies :)

What an exciting week it’s been! I’m stunned that Erika managed to keep that BIG a secret so close to her chest for so long. I think other authors with outstanding books from their series can take a leaf from her book. Love that we don’t have ages to wait before Grey graces our Kindles and shelves, but even a couple of weeks are too long for the Ladies of Grey, right? LOL! 

This last week also saw fresh allegations here on our blog screaming abuse and non-consent, and though I deeply feel for women from abusive relationships, I find it very hard to understand that people still feel that BDSM equals abuse. I may not want my other half to take a cane to my back, but it doesn’t change the fact that some people want (if not NEED) the pain, and within the context of a HAPPY, CONSENSUAL relationship, how is consent EVER an issue? You might not understand it, or want it for yourself, but you cannot discount other people’s needs like that. Further, to say FSOG is not romance, well, again I beg to differ. Christian is as genuinely romantic as they come, no games, no hidden agendas, he was almost innocent in they ways he tried to give Ana MORE. What could be more beautiful than that? 


 Truth! But it certainly doesn’t ALWAYS come in a package you love or understand. Each to his own, peeps!

I also recently came across this little gem…


Wow, talk about a cover-all read! LOL! 


This week I read:


Echo by E.K. Blair, book two in the Black Lotus series, was hard to read. Like Katherine, I got to a point where I felt she should simply end it and put herself out of the horrific misery that is her completely screwed-up life. You can’t fault the author’s ability to write drama, to find more and more shocking ways to mess with the already broken heroine’s (and I use that term loosely) world, but damn, at what point does drama become too much? I will certainly read book three when it comes out, but I don’t think I will ever love this heart-wrenching series.

Currently I’m reading:


Temporary Bliss by B.J. Harvey, book one in the Bliss series, is hopefully what I need to get out from under the dark cloud remaining from reading Echo.

On my shelf I have:


Temptation by Nicole Edwards, book two in the Club Destiny series. An oldie but hopefully as good as the first…


That is it for the book club, girls. Let me know how you go with the Black Lotus series.


LOL! I can relate!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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New Spanish chapter

Hello, (Spanish) ladies ;)

I know you’re anxious for a new chapter. Please find the latest translated chapter in the sidebar. 

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Thank you, Kereny!