Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies😉

Wow! What a crazy start it’s been to my work term. I’ve completely forgotten that I ever had a break! #BringOnTheHolidays 😂

So, the movies are wrapping with the last scenes being filmed in Paris. It’s quite fitting, don’t you think? Being the city of love… I like the symmetry of that.

Let’s take a look at what surfaced this week:

Angelique shared this clip, a montage of honeymoon stills and the crowds drawn by the movie:

And while I was taking a peek at the above, I came across the following fan-made trailer:

Then, on Twitter, @fsog_greysessed posted some great pics of our couple sharing an intimate moment:



Jamie and Dakota enjoy the fans:


Thank you, Susan for the links😉

This is COMPLETELY unrelated, but pertinent nonetheless because we are women AND because for some of us, Alexander Skarsgard (From True Blood fame) was a possible contender to play Christian in the movie adaptation of FSOG. This last week I went to see Tarzan, and let me tell you ladies that, well… holy big, gleaming non-stop muscles: EYE CANDY! Sharon sent me this eye-wateringly funny review of the film that every girl should see. Who cares that it’s so OTT far fetched? 

#ShirtlessAlexander 😋


This week I read:


4 stars

Moonshot by Alessandra Torre was a great read. It came complete with her special brand of twisty turns. Just the way I like her books. As I mentioned last week, after Hollywood Dirt and Love Chloe’s sweet nothings I didn’t know what to expect, but that’s what makes her such a refreshing writer.

Currently I’m reading:


Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton, book two in the Hudson Valley series. So far, let me say this: think hot, inked dairy farmer…

On my shelf I have:


Bossman by Vi Keeland. I always enjoy her books so I’m looking forward to this one, and as a side note, I just have to point out that she always has the best cover sleeve models in the business😉

Sharon shared this: the very definition of disappointment….

funny 1


I hope you have a fabulous week, girls. Let us hear about the awesome books you’ve read!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

Temperatures have plummeted here in Oz, and especially in my little corner with a deluge of winter rain. At least it makes for good reading weather, right? 

This week saw my favorite movie stills since the start of filming. I LOVED the honeymoon footage because, IMO, it lead to one of the best parts in the books: the hickey tabacle. I just adored the creative way Christian subdued his errant new wife! LOL! Check out all the honeymoon photos on the Fifty Shades of Grey Fan site:

sun oil

“Unselfishly” Christian keeps Ana from burning in the hot, French sun…

cover up 1

Consider yourself covered up, Ana! I can just hear him growling at her. LOL! #LoveJealousFifty

water ski do

Having fun on the jet ski!

Thank you, Susan for keeping us in the loop :) 

From Facebook, on the Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories page, I came across this fabulous pic, one I assume is the end result of the car chase…


Not sure about the clouds in the background. I know they drove into a parking garage to hide from the unsub, but I liked the look of it nonetheless. *naughty grin*

Entertainment Tonight has a short clip on YouTube showing just how good Jamie and Dakota look in their cozzies. #BeachReady

And lastly, the Laters, Baby site features all the Vancouver filming spots. #GoodStuff


This week I read:


4.5 stars

The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz was another phenomenal effort by this talented and creative writer. The book is a whole lot lighter in the boudoir department than the Original Sinners series, but damn, the story is juicy. The intrigue weaved around a pretty sad time in American history is nothing short of spellbinding. It certainly kept me rapt. Though it is a standalone there’s some fantastic scope for another one. I can only hope that the amazing Ms Reisz gives us MORE. #ILoveTiffanyReisz

Currently I’m reading:


Moonshot by Alessandra Torre, so far, is exactly the reason why I respect this author so much. After the lovely light and sweet of Hollywood Dirt and Love, Chloe she (quite literally) throws us another curve ball. More on this one next week…. #NeverKnowWhatToExpectFromTorre

On my shelf I have:


Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton, book two in the Hudson Valley series. With a title like that, how can I go wrong? LOL!😉

Ha! Let’s think before we do, shall we?


Oh dear! LOL!

Have a fabulous weekend, girls. Send some sunny rays my way if you’re lucky enough to be in the warmer parts of the northern hemisphere. 

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

As the last days of my holiday dwindle into nothing and winter keeps us in warm woolies here in Aus, let me say that I’m still happily luxuriating in some lovely reads. I hope you’re having the same great luck in the book department.

This week I came across this stunning pic on the Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories Facebook page: the wedding!!


So beautiful. *swoon*

And on the same site, a movie poster showing off Christian’s intense stare…


Nice one, huh?

On YouTube Dakota shares her inhibitions during the filming of Darker:

Over the last few months I featured a lot of pics from the Fifty Shades Girl Portland site. She always has the latest set pics and news. Thanks to Susan, check out Cosmo having a good chinwag with the Portland Girl herself.

And lastly, E News highlights the top things we’re apparently looking forward to seeing in the movie.

Before I start the book club, I thought I’d share these cute light switches😉


Cute AND practical:)


This week I read:


4 stars

Always by Nina Lane, book five in the Spiral of Bliss series, was a beautiful finale to a beautiful story. Throughout the tale Liv and Dean faced many big demons, but this book proved their most trying time. Keep your tissues handy for this one, girls. Thank you for the lovely gift, Susan!😉

Currently I’m reading:


The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz. I’m so stoked about this book because I ADORE this imaginative author. Though I’m not quite done, I am thoroughly enjoying this standalone. I know her BIG series, The Original Sinners, is epic, so if you’re keen to give her a go without investing oodles of time in a monster range before you get to know her, this one showcases her style and astounding writing prowess beautifully.

On my shelf I have:


Moonshot by Alessandra Torre. This is another I’m looking forward to reading. So many good ones out at the moment. Yay!

So, we all love unicorns, right? Now we know why they aren’t around anymore…



Have a great day, girls. Let us know if you’ve struck literary gold.

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

So? How was your week? Read anything interesting? I bit the bullet this week and dipped my toes into something a bit darker. Go me!

But first, let’s look at some news, shall we?

It seems that filming is wrapping up for all but the few actors heading to France for the Honeymoon scenes, and evidently, the reportedly close-knit crew is finding it hard to say goodbye to the FSOG saga. Thanks to Susan I have this pic from @fsog_greysessed that hints at the camaraderie on set. 


This week also saw some Red Room pics as Christian and Ana further explored the decadent world of BDSM…

red room

Just Jared reports on Amelia and Dakota sharing a meal amidst the rumour mill’s upsetting stories of Jamie and Dakota being more than just co-stars. Believe it or not, but there are actually people called “Damies” who are rooting for the dissolution of Jamie’s marriage so that “Christian and Ana” can finally be together. So sad. I for one hope the marriage stays strong. If you consider the real-life logistics of filing a movie like this, plus all the crazy rumors, you can only imagine what a trying time this must have been for a committed relationship. 

amelia and dakota

Lastly, the 50 Shades of Grey Support page on Facebook shared this beautiful poster:

ana poster

Dramatic, huh?😉

goodreads png

Before we start with the book club portion, I’ve been asked to put my Goodreads star ratings along with my reviews here on the blog. You should see it as gold stars at the bottom of the book cover pics. I’m going to try my level best to remember to add these, but if I forget, please forgive me:) You could always check them out by following me on Goodreads.


This week I read:

rebel rogue

4 stars                 3.5 stars

Rebel and Rogue by Callie Hart, book one and two in the Dead Man’s Ink series, was the darker series I read after I managed to pull on my big girl panties. Book one did not disappoint. The subject matter, though potentially graphic, was treated very carefully, and for once, didn’t cause me any nightmares. But that does not mean that it wasn’t gritty and, at times, scary. Book two, on the other hand, left me with a small complaint. I had an issue with the overall plausibility of the plot. Some very dubious decisions by the main characters made me believe in the story just a little bit less. I will be finishing the series, but will be looking at something lighter first. Take note that book one ends on a small cliffie. Luckily the series is complete.

Currently I’m reading:


Always by Nina Lane, the fifth and final book of the Spiral of Bliss series.

On my shelf I have:


The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz. I’m super stoked to find out what new intrigues come from Reisz’s fertile imagination.

As July is upon us, I’m always excited to see some of the new month’s offerings:



These pics are taken from the Goodreads site and the links are NOT live.

I’ll leave you with a little wishful thinking:


Have a great weekend, girls. I shall see ya’ll next week!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

I’ve missed you! My holiday was wonderfully invigorating, but it’s good to back, and I’m ready to share with you my still spectacular reading streak. Yay!

But first, let’s look at what’s happening with the movies.

On Twitter, @fsog_greysessed shared how the Permanent bank in Vancouver turns into Seattle Nations Bank for the filming of Freed. Isn’t it beautiful?



The Fifty Shades of Grey Fan site posted some lovely pics of Christian kissing Ana in front of SIP with Sawyer, a silent sentinel in the background.



From the same site, see more of Ana making her escape with a bag of cash meant for Jack Hyde…


Thank you, Susan for sending me these great links which also included the next one:

Popsugar brings us hot guys reading as posted on Instagram…

reading guy

Poor dudes, minding their own business and then WHAM! Intagram-famous! LOL! But I guess it won’t be long ’till the world’s subways and busses are filled with would-be models/actors reading, hoping for their 15 minutes of fame😉 #FirstWorldProblems


Books I’ve read (and enjoyed) over the last two weeks:

sb inky wf mc

Sidebarred by Emma Chase, book 3.5 in the Legal Briefs series, was a great novella addition to my favorite couple in the series so far. Light and sweet. Thank you, Gabby for suggesting:)

Inky by J. B. Hartnett, book one in the Leaves series was another excellent story from this beautiful author. I will definitely be reading the follow-on books in this range. The characters of these stories feel very real to me, their emotions raw and true. It’s refreshing in a genre where the glasses are, more often than not, rose tinted.

Worth Forgiving by Vi Keeland, book three in the MMA Fighter series was another hit. For me, this woman can do no wrong. I’ve loved every single one of these books. Can’t go wrong with a determined, brawny guy who knows his way around a woman’s body, huh?

Man Candy by Melanie Harlow was another lovely read. I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming tale of a jaded heart finding love. Melanie has a whole slew of good books behind her name, so if you’ve not yet had the pleasure, and you’re looking for something sweet and spicy, check her out.

On my shelf I have:

rebel alw

Rebel by Callie Hart, book one in the Dead Man’s Ink series. I so loved Calico, I thought I’d read more from this intense writer, but, to be honest, I’ve been a little scared to start this darker story. I know! I’m such a ninny!

And thanks to Susan, Always by Nina Lane, book five in the Spiral of Bliss series, the concluding book of Dean and Liv’s story. This is another writer that weaves spellbindingly beautiful and honest books, one you can’t go wrong with.

I’ll leave you with this…. Again, it made me laugh out loud:


LOL! Nice watch, indeed!

It was lovely chatting with ya’ll, girls. Hope your weekend brings a whole lotta’ book delights!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

This week felt oddly long! It feels like I haven’t spoken to you guys in ages! So strange… But it’s good to be here, chatting with y’all. And before I forget, there’ll be no book club post next week as I will be away in the great Australian bush (hooray for a little holiday), but I will have my phone, so please feel free to respond in any way you choose: here on the blog, email, or social media😉

Thanks to Susan I have some movie news. Apparently a lot of the filming is currently being done indoors, which means that that paps can’t get any juicy shots. Sometimes I wonder if, with the number of photos we’ve already seen, there’ll be ANYTHING new in the film for us to see! LOL!


50 Shades Girl Portland still seems to be the site with the big guns in terms of sheer number of videos and pictures.

See the Audi car chase shots here

Find pics of Mia’s Kidnapping and Ana’s shooting here

And lastly, Ana recovers in the hospital here

I love this edit Sharon sent me during the week:

movie poster

I don’t know if it’s fan-made or official, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it stirs a little excitement for the film, huh?

Also, as I’m a great proponent of safe sex, I believe it’s important to spread the word…

goat lol

LOL! Again, thank you, Sharon for sharing this cute little fellow!😉

Then, I’m delighted to tell you that I’m still riding my reading high. Don’t you just love enjoying EVERY book you touch? #DeepJoy Let’s hope it lasts!


This week I read:

fff i

Fighting for Forever by J. B. Salsbury, book five in the Fighting series, was good, not quite as good as book six, but well worth mentioning. I always enjoy a little tight tension along with smokin’ bedroom antics.

Idol by Kristen Callihan, book one in the VIP series, was exactly what I’ve come to expect from this fantastic author: good, solid writing merging into the perfect blend of angst and heat. I’ve lost count of how many of her books have made it onto my favourites list, and this one made it there easily. I’m excited to read MORE of this series as we get to know the delicious band members of Kill John as they each get a book. Take note, like her Game On series, this book can be read as a standalone.

On my shelf I have:


Sidebarred by Emma Chase, book three point five of the Legal Briefs series. This is more of Jake and Chelsea’s story. Yay! Thank you for bringing the novella to by attention, Gaby. I don’t know how I missed it!

This made me laugh out loud – literally! A baby pic I can relate to…

wine funny


Have a stunning weekend, girls. I hope you get to spend a little quality time with some #HappySexyReads!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

How are you this fine weekend? Our first week of winter brought a deluge of unexpected rain. Go figure. Luckily, it’s not been cold enough for me to complain. Yet :) 

Though completely unrelated to our FSOG world, this article from the NY Times made me snigger. Kentucky Fried Chicken flavoured nail polish. Decide between Original favour or Hot & Spicy – truly finger licking good – or not?


Imagine chewing nail polish off of your nails and tasting KFC?! LOL!


This week I read:

bib kig

Bride in Bloom and Katherine in Gold by J. B. Hartnett, book one and two in the Beachy Bride series was fantastic. These somewhat off-beat books approach our genre from a slightly different angle, making for a stunningly refreshing read. If you’re looking for something beautifully romantic, lead by subtle alphas who know precisely what they want, then this might be the series for you. (You can also read them as standalones) I enjoyed these grown-up stories enough to given ’em my Best of the Best award.

BOB png

Currently I’m reading:


Fighting Forever by J. B. Salsbury, book five in the Fighting series. As mentioned before, I’ll be working my way through these hot fighters, but I think I’ve noticed a new sub-trend in our genre. Typically we have our MC books, our tattooed rocker books, our bad boys, or our billionaire Doms, but lately I’ve been reading more and more stories of stripper redemption. Is this something you’ve noticed, or is just me?

Then, as we’ve started a new month, let’s see what June will bring:






There are a few ones I’m looking forward to: Tiffany Reisz’s new offering, The Bourbon Thief, Idol by Kristen Callihan, and Melanie Harlow’s Man Candy – Yay! As always, these screenshots are taken from the Goodreads site.

I’ll leave you with this little joke:


#Truth! LOL!

See ya’ next week, girls:)

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