Fifty Shades Fan Site


8 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Fan Site

  1. Anita knowles says:

    Hey hey this is a gr8 site for me who Definatley can’t get enough of fifty shades!!!
    So hopefully I’ll be able to get to read chapter 49 soon, your doing a gr8 job of it and it’s great that your keeping the momentum going!
    Waiting anxiously


  2. Jcn says:

    I have read creation addition to 50 shades…. I enjoyed it and cant wait to see if you are going to add to it… I just discovered your fan site… Please don’t stop and I will be checking to see if any additional chapters are added… Good Job.


  3. Janu S says:

    Oh my god. Is this for real? I just stumbled across your site this morning.
    You are an angel! I’m going to start reading immediately.
    Thank you Soo much.


  4. Debbie Dymond says:

    I read everything that you have posted on here regarding fifty shades (in 3 days 😉 ) and I loved it! great work xo
    I’m just wondering will there be any more (id loved to read your point of view what happens with Mia and Ethan and Kate with the twins also maybe jump Forward a few years and show us how life is say another 5 years down the road with their baby girl.. Actually anything would be fabulous your stories were great..
    or ;-( should I move on to find more


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Debbie 🙂 So glad you could join our band of cyber FSOG groupies 😉 I am currently reworking Valentine’s Meander to follow on as chapters 71 and 72, then I will be reworking the ending of 69, and then I will be doing an epilogue – so, not much to come but something, at least 😉 It’s time I start dedicating my time to an original… Thank you for your kind words.


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