Fifty Shades Meander cuts into Fifty Shades Freed (E L James) where Ana finds out that she’s pregnant but instead of telling Christian, she runs. This meander takes you on a wild ride of emotions, drama and of course romance with the enigmatic Mr Grey…..

All the characters that you loved from the original trilogy with a few new ones for added spice….

Where possible I have endeavoured to keep to the nature of the characters from the original trilogy in order to maintain the canon of FSOG.

Author’s note: Yes I know, especially fresh off your FSOG high it’s very hard to understand that Ana might do such a thing and, truth be told, I couldn’t agree with you more – they belong together. However, in order to write any story you have to have a place to start, a place where it can develop into something your readers would like to see. If you’re like all the followers on this blog I understand that you simply want MORE… More of Ana and Christian; their love, their shades, their trials and mostly their blazing romance….

If you’re still unsure, why don’t you try reading one of the one-shot/short stories in the sidebar (Christmas Meander, Quickie Meander or Valentine’s Meander – Christian’s POV). It will give you a good idea about my style and the content of the main story.

Choose to stay, along with readers from over 90 countries around the world to enjoy the beautifully addictive world of FSOG through Meander.

Happy reading,

Monique xo

What do the readers say?

Ucbear: The writing and character development in Meander are truly outstanding. In fact, I believe the complexity of both Ana and Christian’s characters are explored in greater depth and are inherently more nuanced in Meander than actually depicted in the original novel. This author offers such a refreshing and original depiction of the lives of Ana and Christian that is not to be missed. Although the story begins with the lovers apart, their reconciliation is wildly dramatic, passionate, and riveting. As the story unfolds, it leaves the reader feeling as if they are riding the most thrilling rollercoaster with death defying drops and navigating through a series of dark tunnels. Buckle up and prepare yourself for the ride of the century.

Maggie: When I first stumbled upon “Meander” the Prologue left me distraught! I had come to love Ana and Christian and, like all of you, knew that they belonged together. So the initial story line turned me off….HOWEVER,
trust Monique…the writing is AWESOME and she believes, as we do, that Ana and Christian share a destiny together…my advice? Give it a go – you will join the addicted amongst us and wait eagerly for each Friday’s wicked contribution to this amazing love story. READ ON and ENJOY!

Janien Meissner: Do you love Ana and Christian? Did you miss them after reading the books? Well, just read this story. Maybe it is difficult at the beginning, I had my doubts to. Those two splitting up made me almost angry……but I kept reading…….and I still do! The story is so good! It draws you in and you will not be able to stop! Enjoy!

DianeG: I was very unsure of Meander when I began to read it; rest assured the beginning sets the stage and informs and feeds the emotion that is so beautifully captured in the chapters that follow. If you felt like you wanted more Ana & Christian after finishing FS Freed…Meander will fit the bill. It’s romantic, thrilling, and deliciously naughty. Monique never fails to keeps us coming back week after week.

SusanW: I was one of those readers who found the Meander site, learned the premise of the story, and stopped before I even started. The idea that Ana would leave Christian made me feel ….depressed. Hadn’t they spent three whole books trying to figure out a way to be together? And then I read an interview with Monique on the Laters, Baby fan site. I was impressed by the interview, it kept turning around in my head, and I came back and started reading. After two days, I hadn’t gotten a thing done in my real life, but I had read everything on the Meander site. Just start reading! For me, the FSOG trilogy was all about the love — and Meander gives you that in abundance. You will find the Ana and Christian that you know in all their messed up imperfection, but they are older and, because of the journey that Ana’s decision has taken them on, they are wiser. They bear the emotional scars (and some new physical ones, too, come to think of it) of their own life choices, and they are determined to learn from their suffering and use it to forge their family together. I think that Monique’s Ana and Christian are deeper and richer, and I found it easier to feel that “special connection” that pulls them together. Yes, there’s still plenty of hot sex. If anything, it’s even better because it’s less monotonous and a teeny bit more explicit, but in the best possible way  . But it’s always about the awesome love story, and isn’t that what drew us all in to begin with?
Monique, thank you for the countless hours you must be devoting to writing these wonderful chapters. I know they give me something to look forward to, and I find myself thinking about them even when I’m not actually reading. I hope you realize how much your talent is appreciated.

HenryCavill4Fifty: Before reading this story, you will need a Meander Survival Kit consisting of tissues, Zanax and, most importantly, extra panties! You have been warned! I had never heard of fanfiction until I read FSoG and was left wanting more. My craving was met the moment I found Monique Lane and her Meander story. This story is beautifully written and rocked my world from Chapter 1. You will be rooting for Christian and Ana and just like the books – you will hope it never ends.

Sewinkel: I came to fanfiction because when I was done with the FSOG trilogy I wanted “more” – relationship, happiness, and all the romantic stuff. When I read the summary for Meander, at first I didn’t think this story was what I was looking for, since it didn’t seem to fit my need for more Christian and Ana together. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I started reading and by the end of the first chapter, I was hooked. This story is sublime. Excellent writing, wonderful and well thought out plot and, most importantly, an unbelievable love story between our favourite couple. It is clear an immense amount of work is put into the story and I wait anxiously for every single update.

Eileen McDough: This FSOG blog is so different from all the others I have read. It is wonderful and it will not disappoint you. Once you start you will not be able to get enough. Bravo! Job well done.

Skinsavant: I have been following a LOT of fifty shades fanfiction stories and Fifty Shades Meander is and continues to be my #1 favourite. it is NOT a cheating story but a beautiful, romantic and very sexy love story of Christian and Ana. I’ve actually read it a few times because it’s brilliantly written and I’m proud to say that I’m addicted to this story! It’s a must read and I highly recommend it!

Kari: At first I was put off by the story line of the 2 of them being separated and divorced. The story line was intriguing and I kept reading and I am so glad that I did. While it’s still our Christian and Ana, and the story weaves a yummy yarn, it’s just different and I can’t wait for the newest chapter each week. I read the whole story up to chapter 35 I think in 24 hours. I was hooked. I want to keep reading about them I don’t want the story to end and this is giving me my fix. She is a very talented writer and keeps so many of us happy with her version of the continued story, thank you for that!!

Audrey: Fifty Shades Meander is one of a kind. It’s a story of alternative decision that Ana came to make in the book and almost a stand alone story of Fifty on its own term (with lots of cliff hangers .. if your heart can take it) It’s an interesting twist of the story, beautifully written that touch you emotionally, all the while staying true to their original character.

Katherine: This is one of the few fan stories that stays true to EL James’s beloved characters. This story details their reconciliation after 5 years apart during which their love for each other has only grown stronger. It deals with Ana’s self-doubts and guilt over keeping Christian and his son apart and Christian fears of being a father, his self-loathing and need for control in a real and sensitive way. It is a story of growth for both of them, forgiving themselves and each other for past mistakes. As expected, there are some very hot sex scenes for the readers enjoyment! The descriptions of the locations and situations are so vivid you could be on the sidelines looking on. This story will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, you’ll laugh cry giggle and blush and one thing I can guarantee that like the rest of Monique’s fans you will not be able to wait until Friday to see where she is going to take us next!

Cynthia: An amazing story with regrets, unbelievable love, and reconciliation. A story about a love that even with the mistakes that would have torn most apart only make Ana and Christian stronger. I wait eagerly for Friday to get my next dose of the happy couple.

Chantel: After reading the 50 Shades trilogy, I was so sad the story was over. I felt like I wasn’t done with Christian and Ana yet. Enter Meander. This author has kept me on the edge of my seat, sometimes fanning myself, for months and months. The story stays true to character and is smarter than the originals. Read this, you will be hooked!!!

If you are a fan of the FSOG, then you will love this Meander. In FSOG as we all know when Ana tells Christian that she is pregnant, he storms out meets Elena and gets drunk. In this Meander Ana decides to leave Christian and hid the fact that she is pregnant from him. I will not add too much as I would not want this comment to be a spoiler for you, all I will say is that everything works out okay for Ana and Christian. This Meander is just a different slant on the EL James Trilogy. There is plenty of romance/drama/suspense, and love making as we know only Ana and Christian can do. You will not be disappointed with this Meander and I guarantee that you will enjoy every word in every chapter. As they say in the book world, I would recommend this book (Meander) to everyone.
……Sheila Hall avid 50 Shades of Grey Fan and now 50 Shades of Grey and More………

Lenette: If you were sad & disappointed when you finished reading the 3rd book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy then this Fifty Shades of Grey & More’s Meander is for you. At first I was a little disappointed that Ana had left Christian & kept their son a secret from him but since their accidental reunion it has been a wonderful story & continuation of their love for each other with heaps of loving of course & also some drama & suspense but not too farfetched as some stories that I have read. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat & always wanting more each week. It is beautifully written & I wait impatiently every week for the new chapter.

Andrea: The first few chapters I admit were a struggle to get through…the thought of them separated for that long was difficult, but I kept on because there wouldn’t be a story if they somehow weren’t together eventually. Ana has gotten a backbone that I don’t think she would have had if she would have stayed. I’ve laughed and cried many times through their journey and can’t wait to see what happens to them next. They both have demons and hopefully together they can overcome them.

Valerie: When I stumbled onto this story I was immediately intrigued. It’s a mesmerizing story all the author’s own, not a rewrite of the existing books from another point of view, yet Christian and Ana are still the characters we know and love. I can hardly wait for more of the story to unfold!

Twinkie55: After reading the FSOG Trilogy I was sad that the story ended, I wanted more. I bought other books but they left me unsatisfied, I searched for any updates on FSOG and found many fan fiction stories but missed the REAL story of Ana and Christian. Then I came across FSOG Meander, out of curiosity I kept reading and I am still hooked and ‘sated’ if I can use that word. Thank you Monique, I now look forward to my weekends and slowly catch up with Christian, Ana and their son. I like the way Ana has grown and how Christian has matured. I never want the story to end – selfish I know. I have been sharing this blog with anyone who tells me they read FSOG books.

Retta: Once I started reading I could not stop, and now that I’m caught up its very hard to wait from week to week!! This blog is amazing and does not disappoint at all!!

Mrs.H: Meander starts with a play on Ana’s insecurities and takes you on the loves truck journey of two souls destined to be together…If like me, you could not get your fill of Christian and Ana, then Meander is for you. It has all the passion, drama and intrigue of FSOG and it is all original material….It draws you in and keeps you wanting more….I have tried many fanfic stories and this is the only one that I continue to follow week after week.

Gwen: Meander takes you past FSOG. The writing is superb and character development outstanding! If you were left wanting more after you read FSOG this is the story to read! I wait anxiously every Friday for Monique to post the latest chapter.
Christian and Ana have grown and matured. They still have hot sex that will leave you panting begging for more.
It is a must read for all FSOG fans!

Moire: I have to agree with sewinkel – and all the others – I had reread FSOG x 5 and it had changed the way I thought about myself, life and relationships. I too was looking for more. I had enjoyed the style of writing of EL James and needless to say loved the story – and Christian and Ana, and went seeking on F/book. Came to this on recommendation of another writer whom I still follow but this one from Monique is the best – I also was disappointed when others started to write and then left one hanging (or as a friend said waiting for the other shoe to drop. Had they lost interest in writing? Was their story finished? What, tell me???) I so enjoy the plot lines, Friday /Saturday cannot come soon enough – and then lets discuss those “quickies”  there sure are some woohoo moments. Loved the way that Meander began with a – “Hey what?? ” when Christian goes to the same city you JUST KNOW – LOL. With their electricity how can it be anything BUT!!! Love, love Meander – keep it up — hey this could be like those stories in (oh can I mention them urgh ) international women’s mags that have been going for years . Thank you Monique for our little lemons, smiles and chuckles and fluttering hearts (amongst other things…) and great reads on a Saturday with my cuppa

Roslyn: When I finished reading FSoG’ trilogy I needed to have more of Christian and Ana. So when I searched E.L. James’ site I found FSoG Meander. I figured since it was mentioned I might as well as read a little and stop if I don’t like it. Yes, I was reluctant, but jeez…when I read about Ana leaving Christian I did not want to read more…much to my amazement, I continued to read all the way down to the end of the page. OMG, I could not get enough…I was hooked. It is a loving story full of more Ana, Christian, Teddy, Taylor and more. If you are looking for a story and you need a fix of your favourite characters, give it a try, you will see I’m not wrong. It is a perfect story and will keep you wanting more. Take a chance and read, you will cry, laugh, have mystery and suspense. It will leave you gagging for air. It will be just what you have been missing from the FSoG books. MORE means MEANDER!!!!

Hazel: This blog is a must read for any FSOG addict. The story will take you on a journey that will not disappoint for one single moment. It is an emotional rollercoaster, beautifully written love story. Beware once you start you will not be able to stop!!!

Monica: When I first started reading this story it was quite difficult to wrap my head around the fact that Ana left Christian. It did not put me off though. This story is worth reading. We get to know Ana and Christian from the original books and we only know what they have done and gone through to get where they are. In this story there is a lot more suffering from both main characters and as for myself I saw how they have grown more mature and not taking anything for granted. I am addicted to this story. Yeah, it is that awesome.

Mrs. G: Ana leaves Christian? “No way!” is what I thought. And honestly, that’s what got me hooked on this Meander! I HAD to know why!! So began my addiction to Fifty Shades Meander! Even though I never fathomed Ana leaving Christian, I believe Monique’s description of Ana’s reasoning for doing so stays true to Ana’s character. Her lack of self-assurance in herself as well as Christian’s love for her are brought to the forefront and depicted beautifully. I SO enjoy reading about Christian and Ana’s amazing love story! Each week is such a treat for me…as it will be for you! I won’t give too much away because you should experience every “moment” as I did. But I will tell you this… the love, the longing, the suspense…it’s too good to miss! Start reading and get hooked!

Kaz: When I first found Meander it was 20 chapters in, so I had a massive bulk of the story. Wasn’t too keen that Ana had left CG, I mean would she? But as it unfolded, I began thinking.. Yes she would. Frightened, low self-esteem. They had only been married weeks and CG was def in control… A whole new love story unfolds when they “find” each other again… A more mature age and life experience for Ana, gives them both regrets and unspoken sorrows. The writing of this story gets them over hurdles and obstacles that make their romance so much more solid and even! Now with a child to consider, they break down so many more barriers… They never stopped” belonging” to each other, and the way they both dealt with the 4 years apart is truly soulful ! Oh and their sex life is even better than before, if that’s possible.

Grublue: When I first stumbled upon the Fifty Shades Meander on, I refused to read it because of not being fond of fanfiction that suggests an alternative ending to the original story. I only came back months later as the Meander had been highly recommended on another Fifty Shades blog. Since I appreciate said blog very much and I know the followers there are very demanding, I decided to give it a chance… and I did not regret it… I was hooked!!
Meander is a beautiful love story enriched with angst and suspense. And most importantly, it is one of the best erotica that I’ve ever come across!

Deb: When I finished the trilogy…….I was lost, wanted “more” of Christian and Ana but did not know where to go…….I stumbled onto this site and I have been there ever since! Monique’s POV and amazing writing has me hooked! No matter what you think of the Grey’s, her direction just begs for more and more! While you read each of my bestie’s chapters, the people become real and you can see and feel them up close and personal! She gives her all with each and every chapter…..Christian and Ana amazing love story is continuing on thru this wonderful and talented writer and her wicked and vivid imagine. Love her…you will too!!

Ann: Ah… where to start, where to start! I found your site by accident and read the first chapters then stopped with some reluctance because I did not like that my Christian & Ana was separated. Still I could not stop reading. If you wanted more after the trilogy then your site certainly gives it. READ ON people this story will leave you breathless, like you have read the 4th instalment!! I will never get enough of this story and the next post is due on my birthday…March 8th. The characters have been kept quite true to their nature and their insecurities show as they grow and learn about each other. Their struggles are gut-wrenching but definitely something that would befall Christian & Ana. She was a young bride! The only part I grapple with is the 4-5 years apart… that’s a lot especially given his “over protective need to control”.  Would he really have left her for that long? Maybe… The story is phenomenal at any rate you will not be disappointed nor will you be able to stop reading!! Christian is a force to reckoned with – he thinks of everything and then in the later chapters when they reunite (don’t want to spoil it) but when he says… “I watched you sleep every night”… OMG I actually felt sick that he had to endure that pain… so Christian!! Every chapter is full of emotion, tension and something always happens so none of the chapters are what I call “fillers”… You simply cannot skip any!!! Now get reading or it’s your loss!!!

The Italian readers also have their say:

Nickygiu: Ho scoperto questo blog da circa un mese.
Quando ho iniziato a leggere il primo capitolo mi sono detta “fuck! ecco qui qualcun altro che odia vedere Ana e Christian insieme” ma ho continuato a leggere dapprima scetticamente…. non mi fidavo di te Monique  ! Ma sei talmente un bravo scrittore che ho continuato… continuato… continuato a leggere… mi hai catturata, mi hai stregata e la tua storia è bellissima (non ti nascondo che il primo capitolo ti ho odiata!) e adesso sono completamente presa da questa tua storia… molto bella e originale.
Alcuni capitoli penso di averli letti già 3 volte….e sicuramente non mancherà la quarta!
Complimenti <3 (Translation: discovered this blog about a month ago. When I started reading the first chapter I said “Fuck! Here’s someone else who hates to see Ana and Christian together,” but I kept reading sceptically at first …. I did not trust you Monique! But you’re such a good writer that I continued … continued … continued to read … you’ve captured me, bewitched me, and your story is beautiful (do not deny that the first chapter I hated!) And now I am completely taken by this this history … very nice and original. Some chapters I think I have read them already 3 times …. and surely will not miss the fourth one! Congratulations <3)

Carla: io ho conosciuto Meandro grazie a Paola su un gruppo Facebook io amo la trilogia ma credo che la fine doveva essere diversa anche io pensavo che Ana sarebbe scappata con la gravidanza… mentre invece e seguito il rapimento insomma avrei voluto qualcosa in piu!!! Sempre a lieto fine ma qualcosa in più e grazie a Monique e alla sua storia l’ho sto vivendo questo racconto ti trascina nella storia ti fa vivere le stesse emozioni dei personaggi mentre leggo sento: amore, paura. eccitazione, allegria, gioia provo tanti sentimenti che mi emozionano e questo perche e scritto molto molto bene l’ho suggerita a tante amiche anche loro come me non possono più farne a meno!!! Monique sei la nostra droga non smettere mai!!! Sarebbe un vero peccato. GRAZIE MONIQUE

(Translation: I knew from Meander through Paola on a Facebook group. I love the trilogy but I think the end had to be different even I thought it was going to take Ana running … After the pregnancy and following the kidnapping I wanted something more! Though I always love a happy ending, I still wanted something more, and thanks to Monique and her story I’m living it. This story grabs you to make you live the emotions of the characters. As I read I feel love, ecstasy, joy, I feel many feelings that excite me because it is written very well. I have suggested this to many friends and they like it too, just like me, we cannot live without! Monique is our drug and never want her to stop! It would be a shame! THANKS MONIQUE)

Chapter 1: Prologue link

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  1. Ana says:

    I’ve read every single one of the chapter and they are awesome. I can’t wait for the ones to come. =D


    • Monique Lain says:

      Fantastic! I’ll be posting over the weekend. :)


      • Ann says:

        Monique… the chapters are magnificent. You truly have me hooked and I love that you have been true to the characters and their original journey…you have developed them in a way that we can believe. 100 chapters wouldn’t be enough!! Thank you for writing for our enjoyment…never enough!!

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        • Monique Lain says:

          Wow, Ann, thank you again! For me, I feel that if you’re going to do fan fiction it should be along the vein of the original, that’s obviously what the readers fell in love with…. Let’s hope I keep you enthralled… ;)


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    I have no words to discribe my feelings… I found your blog yesterday and it was impossible to stop reading until I’ve finished this morning. It’s the absolutly best FF of Fifty Shades (if not better than Fifty Shades Darker).
    Greatings from Germany, I’m impatient for reading more !!!


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    wow really good, am a huge fan of fifty shades and loved having this to read it was so good i read all 26 chapters in one night! when will i get chapter 27?lol


  6. Corinna says:

    While re-reading Fifty Shades Meander (now for the third time), I was looking for matching music to hear and I found THE song to describe the feelings of the first chapters (actual you can set it on repeat until the middle of chapter 17), it’s “Hurricane” from “30 Seconds To Mars”. Try it and the desperation and anguish become really palpable…..
    I try really hard to keep patient while waiting for the next chapter….;-)


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    I am a huge Fifty Shades fan & I have read all of your chapters. I think they are great, I also read them all in one day. I cannot get enough of Christian & Ana. When will you be posting more chapters?
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  13. Katherine says:

    Hey Monique have you changed your site? For some reason I can’t see any of the chapters on my iphone i usually read the story on it but all im getting is an introduction to meander! Help x


    • Monique Lain says:

      No Katherine but I had the same thing in the week, WordPress had an update and I just selected one of the options on the LHS and all the previous things came up again. Hope this helped, e-amil me a screen shot if you don’t get sorted or re load the app.


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      HI Nuala, I’m so glad you like the blog. Welcome! There are some one shot stories in the sidebar as well if you want to check them out while you’re waiting for the next chapter. Thank you for taking the time to review.


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      Oh how lovely Mary, thank you so much! To me loaning books are akin to loaning undies… LOL! How many chapters have you read so far?


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        I read’em all, baby, and in a couple of days….I’m sure you could carry this on for a long time yet, but I’d be interested in what you would do with two characters of your own, that you love…


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          Yes, that’s the dream babe! LOL! I’m toying with publishing my own here on the blog as Ana’s books in my story. What do you think?


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            Dearest Monque…that would be awesome, I would love to meet them, as long as it doesn’t kill a book deal for you, and also, please keep the writing as classy as it is, and not as explicit and unbelievable as the Crossfire series.
            I look forward to the next chapter!


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      Hi Pam, I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed my little Meander! Hopefully over the weekend sometime… ;) Did I mention to you the one shots in the sidebar? Christmas, Quickie, Valentine’s and Spanish Meander? They are short stories that are all sequels to the main story. Thank you for letting me know ;)


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        Monigue you are an brilliant writer! Im hooked, when will we get more chapters i look on here every day to make sure i havent missed one cant wait for more!! Xx


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          Hi Laura, welcome! I usually post over the weekends. You can subscribe to the site and get an e-mail notification if you like, it saves you the trip checking. ;) Also, have you read the one-shots in the sidebar? Below the music there are four short stories that are sequels to the main story. Thank you so much for reading! ;)


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    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Fanny, I’m so happy to hear that you still like my story. Again it was quite hard to translate with Google translate but can you please post a link or an email address for me for this translator?


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    Gabriel inferno all three
    what next
    My marriage have never been this good(16 years)


  25. Hye, Monique, Honey!!! Have you seen any of the Outlander tv series? another hot read, and they have taken real care to cast and stage the story beautifully…used another unknown cast basically, and the man who’s playing Jamie could have been christian, too, if he had bulked up just a bit….anyhow, it’s filling in the time until the movie is out1 still love your posts! MaryO


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Mary! Good to hear from you! Yes, I know what you mean. Feels like February is still AGES away! No, I haven’t watched the series. I almost never have time to watch TV but I will check it out :)


  26. Jessica says:

    I read all of them and can’t wait to see the new chapter for a book to come.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Jessica. I’m assuming you’re referring to the chapters here on the blog; chapters 1 – 70, right? I’m not sure what you mean with new book, though? I will be putting Valentine’s Meander into place as chapter 71 and 72, thereafter I’d like to work on an epilogue but there will be no more than that on FSOG. It’s time I start on my own original story ;)


  27. Jenny says:

    Oh, where to begin…… I had heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, and decided to just see the movie when it came out. I saw it, and having nothing to compare it to, I really liked it. The abrupt, cliffhanger ending was driving me crazy, so I got the books, LOVED them, and read all three in a week. When I was done and it was all over, I felt so sad. I’m not sure exactly why…maybe I wasn’t ready to return to reality. Anyway, I started Google-ing to see if other people felt this way too, or if I was just a freak. Your blog popped up in that search, and after reading all of the positive reviews, I dove right in!

    The first chapter literally had me cringing at all of Ana’s choices, but knowing she would be reuniting with Christian kept me forging ahead. I cannot express how much I loved your story. It felt like it was truly part of the original series… better, even.

    I love that you kept Christian his wonderful self, while expanding on him (the baby-making process was perfect). His typical Christian stalking/possessive behavior became so endearing and funny, that I laughed out loud a lot. I also love Ana 2.0. I have to admit that by Fifty Shades Freed, she was starting to get on my nerves, being “too perfect” and always nagging Christian. Your Ana was a very welcome change. She was more grown-up, and her humility and regret for her past mistakes made her much more likable and relatable. I loved the whole story! The plot, suspense, drama, romance, humor, and of course, the bedroom scenes!

    Of course, I binge-read the whole thing in a week, and I’m back to wanting more. I do understand that all good things must come to an end though…. And you clearly spent a whole lot of time and energy on the whole thing! I just wanted to thank you so much for doing it and for sharing your work with us. It really is an amazing piece of work!

    Hopefully, I will eventually just get tired of all of this and move on, but right now, I still want more! Is there any other FSOG fan fiction that you think is believable, and would recommend?

    Thanks again!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Jenny! What a beautiful, gratifying comment. Thank you very much. Since I started my story I haven’t read any FSOG fanfic but there are literally thousands. If you go onto the website and search Fifty Shades you’ll find plenty; some good, some great, and inevitably, some awful… Also, if you look down my sidebar I have two more short stories (Quickie and Spanish Meander) featuring our fav couple, and below that somewhere you’ll see a list of blogs I follow. In there is an FSOG fanfic from Christian’s POV that I know is very popular. Hope that helps :)


  28. can i download it in pdf form ??


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