Spanish Meander – Short Story

CSB_Aerial Villa C -9074acb891

Pure heaven, Anastasia thought as she swirled her toes in the cool water of the enormous, ice-blue pool. The sounds of Chris giggling while he splashed his doting grandmothers filtered through her contented thoughts as the sun baked her languid body. Her mouth curved up, almost too lazy for a full smile as she fell a little more in love with her husband. This was his inspired idea. The Casa San Bernardo Villa in Marbella, Spain was huge, even by Christian’s standards. Six en-suite, double bedrooms, too many entertainment areas and private balconies to count, a sauna, a gym, this spectacular pool, a chef and a driver, all nestled into the side of a forest green mountain with a far-away view of the sparkling ocean. Sharing the holiday with both sets of parents meant some much needed private time with her gorgeous man that she didn’t see nearly enough in the race of their crazy, busy lives. Even now he was inside the villa somewhere, brokering a deal but she knew he wouldn’t stay away for too long. He was a man on a mission and letting her desire for him cool, even for an hour, apparently wasn’t something he was going to allow for the duration of this small break. Never mind the undeniable fact that the pull between them was too strong, too enticing to ignore, especially in a romantic setting like this. She shifted carefully on the inflatable lounger, relishing the achy muscles that two days of dedicated seduction by her amorous and very determined husband had brought. Just the thought sent a thrill shivering through her body, a body that he liked to keep primed with desire just so he could take her at a moment’s notice. She knew his game by now, all too well. She loved the sensuous torture he inflicted by constantly making her wonder and wait. Her nipples pebbled predictably under the dirty pink string bikini top that had his eyes popping out on stalks when he saw it this morning. Just like she knew he would, he made her swear not to wear the thing in public. Yes, he had his games, but so did she. Driving him to distraction had become her thing – if he insisted on the teasing and making her wait she would tease right back.

Christian stood at the edge of the pool watching his wife as she floated on the water. Her limbs were already a gorgeous golden hue, coloured so by the warm Spanish sunshine, and encased in that tiny piece of fabric she insisted on calling a swimsuit, looked like a morsel he could feast on for days. In fact, he thought with a smug smile, that’s exactly what he planned on doing in their lone, top floor master suite. It was the sole reason why he booked this particular villa, the privacy the top floor afforded them in all its self-contained glory. It also helped that the bed had all the bits he needed to restrain that writhing frame of hers so he could take his time devouring every inch of it. His mother and mother-in-law spotted him watching her and started to wave but he put his finger in front of his lips. He wanted to surprise his wife who was clearly dozing, blissfully unaware of the perverted turn of his thoughts as his gaze fell on those straining nipples. In this heat, he knew, it could only mean one thing. She was turned on and that was exactly how he liked her. If they were alone, he’d order her to take off that scrap of material so he could see those puckering tips of her heavy breasts that would by now be framed by her delectable tan lines. He would trace them with his tongue, licking her lush body into that frenzied state where she begged him to take her, anyway he wanted. He sucked in a heard breath, realising that he needed to get into the pool before he embarrassed himself in front of the folks – swimming trunks could only hide so much and the semi he was sporting wasn’t going to remain that way if he kept on thinking about the delights of his wife’s tits. As quietly as he could he slipped into the water and ducked below the cool surface, swimming towards his unsuspecting wife. When he reached the floating lounger he came up for a breath then tipped the whole thing over. She squealed her surprise before he dragged her under the water, kissing her roughly. His hands moulded to her breasts, drawn there like magnets, kneading and urgent. A few seconds later they popped up like corks, bobbing in the water. He was grinning wickedly while she was spluttering, blinking water out of her eyes and pushing her wet tresses away from her face. The scandalised blush she wore as she nervously looked around to the nearby mothers only made him want to do it again.

“You looked a little hot there baby, I thought you could do with some cooling down,” he teased, the innocent school-boy look at odds with the hard lines of his jaw, especially as it was covered in a good, three-day growth of stubble.

Immediately she turned the tables on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and turning his swimming trunks into a problem again, “I was hot,” she lilted as she looked to his lips, skimming her teeth over her own.

“Mmhh,” he growled, “see something you like Mrs Grey?”

Before she could answer Chris splashed up to them with the protective grandmothers in tow like twin guardian angels, “Daddy, daddy! Grandad is taking me fishing! There’s a dam behind the house!”

Christian let go of his wife to scoop up his son, lifting him out of the water, “That’s awesome buddy. If you catch a fish I’m sure we can talk Adelina into cooking it for dinner.”

“We can eat their fingers!” Chris exclaimed, excitement bubbling until he noticed everyone around him laughing.

“Why are you laughing at me? Fish fingers are yummy!” his little face was marred with a frown, and his lips pouted with dismay.

“Oh honey, we’re not laughing at you. It’s just sometimes you say the cutest things.” Anastasia stroked the back of his head then kissed his puffed out cheek.

It quickly deflated as he turned to her, eyes sparkling with joy once more, “I am cute! Adelina, aunt Mia, gran and grandma, everyone says so,” he pronounced proudly.

Again Christian lifted him out of the water, “Yes you are!” he agreed, then promptly dropped him back in, making a big splash.

When Chris broke the surface he howled with delight, “Again daddy, again!”

After the water games the grandmothers took up the sun loungers to relax beside the pool, and the trio of grandfathers took Chris fishing at the estate dam. As alone time with his wife was the whole purpose of this trip, Christian took Ana to Marbella Beach for a walk and some sightseeing. Even though he wanted nothing more than to drag her upstairs and fuck her senseless, he knew she was excited to be back in Spain. He loved watching her take in the scenery and the newness of a strange place. When she became animated, almost awed, her joy became his. Sights that he’d seen many times before became beautiful and new because of her enthusiasm. The innocent delight she took from the simple things like exploring the backstreets of an ancient city never failed to fascinate him. She still had that captivating, down-to –earth nature in spite of being surrounded by his vast wealth – it was one more thing that he adored about her. Hand in hand they strolled the boardwalk as it snaked the jagged coastline. The beach was to their left and on their right, the mom-and-pop cafes mingled effortlessly with luxury stores and resorts. Tourists and locals alike chatted lazily in the afternoon sun, the breeze off the ocean just enough to keep them cool. Christian took a moment to admire his wife as she leaned against the guardrail, her stare lost in the ebb and flow of the crashing waves. Her body was bent forward at a slight angle from her waist, her forearms resting on the rail. She’s let her hair dry naturally after their swim so it hung in soft curls over her shoulders. She still wore the damn bikini but at least it was covered with a half-sheer cotton blouse. But it was the tiny, tight shorts she was wearing that were currently holding his attention. Bending forward like that he had a prime view of her delectable ass and so, her realised with dismay, did every other schmuck that walked by. Seeing that the admiring glances of the passers-by was beginning to piss him off he slipped behind her, covering her back with his. He braced himself against the rail with his right arm while his left rested lightly on the flare of her hip. Other than being buried deep inside of her this is what he enjoyed the most – the quiet moments where they were both at ease, well away from the frenetic pace of their vibrant lives. He nuzzled into her neck, her soft moan encouraging and sensual. If he kept this up the Spanish cop that stood a few feet away was going to arrest him for public indecency. Absentmindedly he noted that the guy was in great shape, not an inch of burger belly or soft drink jowls in sight.

Anastasia broke into his musing by lifting her head and sniffing the air, “Oh wow! What’s that smell?”

He chuckled quietly when her head whipped around and her arm clamped around her waist. By her pinking cheeks he could tell she was embarrassed by her belly’s sudden, loud rumble. “Hungry baby? His eyes smiled into hers, “It think it’s Churros. It’s a little like doughnuts, usually drizzled with honey or sugar.” He caught her breeze blown locks as they flew around her face, and gently swept them back. “Can I get you one?” Christian asked, amusement lingering in the graphite depths of his eyes.

Her smile took his breath away. It damn near stopped his heart when she looked at him that way, those blue eyes trusting, adoring, “Mmhh, that sounds delicious.”

He couldn’t resist kissing her full mouth now that she was facing him, “Okay. Stay right here, I’ll be back in ten.” With a quick glance to make sure Carl knew his intentions he strode away to the nearest café.

Anastasia smiled as she watched him go, grinning at the clichéd line about hating to see him go but loving watching him leave. She was a little clumsy herself so his sinuous strides never seized to captivate her, that inherent grace was doubly sexy because he knew just how to use it.

A manly voice, slow and low, interrupted her thoughts, “Cómo estás disfrutando de nuestro país?”

spanish cop

She turned to the speaker and sucked in a surprised breath. If cops looked like this back home she was sure that the female population would all turn to crime. He was nothing short of being a bona fide hunk. His bulging muscles, perfectly toned and proportioned, strained against his dark blue uniform. She’d never given it much thought but she suddenly understood the appeal of a man in uniform. His skin was a beautiful shade of dark honey, and coupled with his strong jaw, she was sure he had his hands full with fawning women. Idly she wondered if Christian would wear a uniform for her, if he’d be amenable to a little fantasy role play.

She couldn’t help flushing, “I’m sorry, no hablo español?” Even though it was a statement her lilt made it sound like a question. She shook her head, smiling shyly at the attractive officer. She darted her gaze to where Carl was doing his imposing bodyguard thing, feeling relieved that he was there for back-up in case she needed it

The officer laughed, throwing his head back and revealing perfectly straight, white teeth, “No,” he grinned, “I guess you don’t. I was just asking if you were enjoying our beautiful country.”

She knew she was being overly cautious, Christian’s jealousy and her natural naiveté sent warning bells sounding off in her head, but so far, she had only encountered heartfelt hospitality. Absolutely everyone they met were genuinely friendly, she had no reason to believe that this handsome cop was just being a great ambassador. Another thing that was abundantly clear about the Spanish was that they loved their country and never passed up an opportunity to sing its praises. With this in mind she relaxed, her mouth curving wide, “Oh yes, it’s been wonderful. The colours, the people and the food!” she gushed, thinking of all the amazing dishes they’d sampled since their arrival. She wished she could take Adelina home with her. She could just see herself and Gail picking Adelina’s culinary brain for all the traditional fare tricks she harboured like secrets, passed onto her from the seasoned matriarchs of her lineage.

A confident beam cracked over the police officer’s rugged face, “The food is sublime, all the better to share if you have good company.” He slipped off his sunglasses and met her gaze with the deep chocolate of his own before giving her a cheeky wink.

It was warning enough to put her back on guard but the look was way too appraising to be as innocent as she had first thought. She didn’t want to give offence, but she also knew that if Christian saw them now he’d go ape shit. And rightly so she realised, because this hot cop was definitely flirting.

If food turned him on then she had better change the subject, “So, patrolling the beach huh, what a dream job. Just look at your stunning office.” It was the perfect excuse to break the intimate eye contact that just didn’t feel right. She looked towards the ocean again as it met with the azure sky.

Mercifully he followed her gaze but her relief didn’t last long, “A stunning office made more so by the beautiful woman decorating it,” he deadpanned, his baritone altering to a soothing rasp as he adjusted his strong approach to accommodate her now obvious skittishness.

Christian passed the Euros over the counter and retrieved the cardboard box, eager to get back to Ana. He grinned to himself thinking about feeding her the honey coated dough pieces and letting her lick the stickiness from his fingers when he caught sight of the back of a uniformed man mainly because it obscured his view of Anastasia. Briefly his gaze sought Carl and by the man’s edgy stance he read trouble. He quickly identified the cop as the one that stood nearby just before he left Ana to purchase their decadent snack. Even with his broad back turned to Christian he recognised the casual, flirtatious bearing of the man, the confident demeanour of a cad who didn’t often hear the word no coming from the females he obviously knew how to handle. Christian knew every one of those tricks because – hell – he wrote the fucking book, but he’d be damned if he’d let this fucker use those ploys on his Ana. What the fuck was she thinking, striking up a conversation with a stranger, even if he was a cop. As Christian came closer he caught a glimpse of her face before she turned those worried, crystal blue eyes away. Instantly he noticed that her flush wasn’t the sexy blush she wore when she was shy or hot for him. No – this wanker was making her uncomfortable. With a nod to Carl he signalled him to stay where he was. He needed a free man to get Ana away if the situation escalated into a brawl and right now he was itching to show this clown his place. As he positioned himself outside the line of the officer’s sight, he heard the line the cop was feeding Ana. It only took a second before the blind rage tore through him, jealousy plundering his consciousness of any rationality. He took a deep breath, mindful to calm himself before he came out swinging. He felt the adrenaline surge, heightening his senses. In the blink of an eye his body was battle ready, highly attuned and geared for virtually every possible move this dipshit could make. He saw his wife’s shoulders tense, her anxious gaze turning to find Carl but instead she locked into his furious one.

Without hesitation he spoke over the uniformed asshole’s shoulder, his voice sure, his Spanish fluent, “Esta hermosa mujer es mía.” Christian jerked his head towards Carl. Thank fuck, he thought when Ana had the good sense to obey, he didn’t need any argument from her right now.

Slowly, so as not to provoke, the officer turned to face him. Christian knew his fury was poorly concealed. He knew damn well that only a dead man wouldn’t be able to see him pulsing with anger. The last thing he wanted was to spend the night in a Spanish jail, and assaulting an officer of the law would almost certainly lead to incarceration, but he never shared and he wasn’t about to start now. Ana was his and his alone, regardless of the consequences. When the cop raised both his hands in a placating gesture, his mouth cracking a rueful line admitting his defeat, Christian was almost disappointed. His rage needed an outlet, and drumming his fists into this idiot’s head would’ve been ideal.

“You are a lucky man señor,” he said, tipping his chin in Anastasia’s direction before turning back to walk his beat.

Instantly Christian identified the tactical manoeuvre for what it was – a shrewd strategy. Smart guy he conceded grudgingly – taking him down from behind, especially as he wasn’t currently posing a threat, coupled with all the bystanders milling about, would be downright stupid. It didn’t help matters either that the bastard saw the beauty that his wife was sometimes so adept at hiding; he liked keeping that secret just for himself. And more than that, Christian knew exactly how lucky he was, he didn’t need this asshole to remind him but maybe Anastasia needed a reminder of who she belonged to. If he couldn’t unleash his anger on the arrogant cop then she would have to help him burn of the excess energy. For the longest time he’d been promising her that he would test her limits; and today felt like precisely that day. Before dragging Anastasia to the SUV he took another long breath, releasing the rage and letting the adrenaline fuel his desire instead.

Christian made his way to his wife where she stood beside Carl. She was a little pale, no doubt in shock and uncertain about his reaction. Roughly he grabbed her hand, and with Carl flanking her on the other side, they escorted her back to the SUV. He was still pissed at himself that he left her alone. He, of all people, should have known better. He all but bundled Anastasia into the back of the vehicle, making her sit behind Carl, and secured her in her seat. He slid in beside her, tucking a long leg beneath him so he could face her head on.

Anastasia turned those doe eyes to him, biting her lip and blinking those sexy long lashes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t flirt back. I thought because he was a cop…”

Yeah, he knew exactly what his trusting wife had thought and hated that the fucker abused his authority like that. He also knew that she heavily underestimated her own allure. It drove him a little nuts that she didn’t understand how attractive she was, that she wasn’t immediately suspicious of any male that paid her even the tiniest bit of attention, but then, he had to concede that her modesty was the very thing that made her so damn hot. Fuck! He wished he could get a handle on his jealousy, but at least he was smart enough not to lie to himself – that would only happen the day he died. He wasn’t mad at her, rather he was stuck with a desperate need to imprint onto her mind that she belonged to him, to mark her in some way. He hated that she gave the prick the time of day but even through his green goggles he could see that she was innocent. It sure as shit wasn’t her fault that men were drawn to her but he decided, at least for his own sanity, that tiny little shorts and sheer tops were going to become a thing of the past. She needed no damn help from impossibly small garments to attract unwanted attention.

He slipped a possessive hand under her hair, cupping the back of her neck and rested his forehead against hers, “I know baby. You know how I get, just the thought of another man seeing and wanting what is mine is enough to push me over the edge,” he whispered between them. He closed his eyes, willing himself to get a grip on the anger that surfaced again just then.

She made it better by framing his face with her hands. Her cool touch was calming, anchoring him back to the moment. “I love only you,” she breathed for good measure, affirming her feelings for him.

Christian took a deep breath, taking in her scent. He gave himself a few more seconds before revealing to her the need he knew was plain in his stare. Her head jerked back a little as she got hit by the full intensity of his blatant passion. There was no mistaking the carnal intent, the hunger blazed there, fuelled by an inferno of possession and desire.

Holy shit! She thought as need exploded through her body like the burst of a firework. If he’s current look was anything to go by, today her husband might very well fuck her to death.

As if reading her thoughts Christian nodded, still holding the back of her neck, “You’re going to take everything I’m going to give you,” he told her, his expression dark and serious. He moved his lips to her ear, tucking her hair behind it so he could brush his lips against the rim, “I will be fucking you senseless Mrs Grey. I think it’s time we test those limits of yours.”

Her body spasmed with an involuntary jolt and her eyes grew wide watching the gleam in his turn devilish. He’d been promising to do that for a long time. She still didn’t exactly understand what he meant by it, but it was clear that she would be finding out very soon.

Christian scooted a little closer, returning to whisper in her ear, “Not a sound, do you understand?”

Anastasia nodded, closing her eyes as the tip of his tongue started to trace around the opening of her ear. His hand slid between her legs, his fingers splaying to nudge them apart. She heeded their request though she couldn’t open wide in the confined space of the back seat. His middle finger skated over the centre seam of her shorts, between the lips of her sex that were swelling from the sides of that seam. Gently he blew on the wet lines his tongue had drawn, sending an arrow of pleasure straight to the place he was touching. She gripped the leather covered arm rest and bit down on her lip to stifle the moan she wanted to utter. Her other hand fisted in the front of his shirt – to pull him closer, to push him off – she wasn’t sure. The fact that Carl was sitting in front of her, driving them back to the villa, should have bothered the hell out of her but she couldn’t concentrate long enough to form a coherent argument to talk herself into complaining.

“You’re wet, right through your shorts,” he informed her as if she didn’t already know. He nipped at her earlobe, lingering there to let her hear his excitement in the short gusts of his breaths.

The length of the drag of his finger over her slit grew shorter and shorter, faster and faster as he began to zero in on that small bundle of needy nerves, until his touch was a fast, tiny tickle directly on top of her clitoris. Already quivering she sped along the path towards ecstasy then, crashed into it.

“Come,” he commanded with a last, long lick into her ear.

Her hips jerked off the seat, shuddering with her release. Christian clamped his free over her mouth as it fell open to accommodate the big breath she was drawing, just managing to contain the sound. Her body went limp, and with a look that told her to keep her breathing even, he removed his hand from her mouth.

“One,” he counted softly so only she could hear.

She blinked up at him, beautifully flushed and still dazed from her orgasm, but her half lidded eyes quickly sprang open as she realised what the rest of the afternoon was going to entail. Her shocked expression was adorable, and it was all he could do to dip his tongue into the startled gape of her mouth. After a beat she relaxed, finally kissing him back. One by one he undid the death grip of her fingers from his shirt before roughly sliding her palm over the front of his cargo shorts. He relished the muted pleasure the fabric covering his hard length afforded, it would make him last longer.

“See what you do to me Mrs Grey?” he murmured in between the hot slides of their duelling tongues.

His mouth captured her appreciative moan. She tilted her head, the angle allowing their kiss to go deeper. They were both a little surprised when the SUV came to a stop; the entire scenic drive was lost to them. Christian followed Anastasia out of the vehicle, the view of her bare legs making the mundane task a treat.

He captured her around the waist, holding her back to his front before she could go into the villa, “I’ll organise Chris. Don’t waste any time. Go pee, have a glass of water, get undressed and wait for me on our bed – face up.” His tone was harsh, intended to make it clear that her disobedience would not be tolerated. He sent her on her way with a sound slap on her fine ass, leaving his palm tingling and hot.

Anastasia raced upstairs, her heart knocking wildly in her chest. The quicker she got to their bedroom the more likely she would be able to avoid any interruptions. When she closed the door to the master suite behind her, she let out a long breath, leaning against the solid wood to take a moment to think about what was about to happen. Was Christian really going to see how many orgasms he could give her in a certain amount of time? Holy hell! She wasn’t sure if she should be scared or excited. All things considered though, she was more than a little relieved that he wasn’t mad at her  for what had happened with the flirty officer, and even more grateful that he didn’t do something rash. She regretted not following her initial instincts, the last thing she wanted to be was the reason her husband had to spend the night behind bars. She really should be more careful; she reprimanded herself before heading to the bathroom to do the things Christian had ordered her to do. While undressing she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She saw how bright her eyes were, the blue was luminous, sparkling with excitement. Her lips had a pouty swell to them, probably from the bruising kiss in the car. Even the skin around her mouth was a little pink where the grate from Christian’s stubble had left its mark. From the bathroom she stepped onto the thick carpet of the bedroom to draw the heavy drapes. She could already imagine how Christian would use the space. He could easily pad around without being heard and she knew, the moment she saw the bed three days ago, that the swirling iron patterns decorating the head and foot of it would make ideal restraining points. She delighted in the shiver that rode down her spine, her body already welcoming the anticipation. She dragged all the bedding off the mattress then climbed on, positioning herself on her back in the middle of the stripped bed. Her pulse kicked up several paces when Christian strode through the door, casually locking it before halting close by to take in her naked form.

He leaned over her, his finger drawing the contrasting lines of her tan around the mounds of her breasts. “So beautiful,” he rasped as his eyes followed the progress of his finger.

When he completed the track of triangles around her breasts he trailed a lazy finger down the centre of her belly, taking his sweet time to map out the outline her bikini bottoms had left. She watched in equal parts of delight and restlessness as his eyes turned stormy, his lids getting heavy with the weight of his desire. He made no move to undress himself, but the ridge of his erection was obvious, even under the fabric of his shorts, and always directly in her line of sight as he bent over her. She wasn’t in the least surprised when he retrieved a set of black silk ropes from his bedside table and ran the length of the folded ropes through his hand, stroking the softness with a dangerously naughty smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“How many do you think I’ll manage to wrench from that hot little body of yours?” he asked, quirking a brow.

There was a boatload of arrogance in that low baritone of his and Anastasia had no idea what to say to that. There was no end to his mad skills in the sack but if memory served she’d never had more than four over the course of a whole day, but then again, usually Christian was intent on helping her withhold them, prolonging their pleasure for as long as possible, rather than encouraging her to come at will.

“How much time do you get?” she bit into her full lip, trying to get an idea of whether he had some expectations of her reply.

He didn’t respond immediately, instead he cupped the front of her shoulder then slid his hand over the soft skin on the inside of her arm, all the while dragging it into position to secure it to the corner bedpost. His deft fingers quickly worked the rope into a Highwayman’s Hitch, the quick release slipknot perfect for what he wanted to do. He moved to the foot of the bed to do the same, starting just shy of the swollen junction between her thighs, he shifted her leg to where he wanted it. With the same knot he used on her wrist he fastened her ankle. Now that she wasn’t going to go anywhere he was happy to answer her question.

Smirk still in place he pinned her with his lustful gaze, “Until you pass out from exhaustion.”

Oh boy! Why was this beginning to sound more like torture? Just as the thought flit through her distracted mind, she realised. In a way he was punishing her.

She followed him with her eyes as he rounded the bed to tie up her other wrist, “I thought you said you weren’t mad at me.” She blinked a few times, shy that she sounded so breathless but unable to hide her sudden unease.

His head snapped up. In his eyes she could easily read his concern. He quickly finished the knot at her wrist then slid onto the bed beside her. Still dressed in his white linen, button down shirt and his stone coloured cargo shorts, that ended Bermuda style just on his knees, he wrapped both his strong arms around her. For good measure he hooked his leg over hers, holding her extra close.

She turned her head to him, their noses almost touching when he spoke, “I’m not mad at you baby but I do want you to remember who you belong to. This won’t be the last time another man wants into your panties but you need to understand that when it happens I see red. All that anger and jealousy is still coursing through my veins. It needs an outlet and seeing that I couldn’t beat the shit out of him, the alternative is to fuck you into next week.” Suggestively he rocked his erection against the outside of her thigh to prove his point.

He ran his nose along hers, staring into her wide eyes to show her the sincerity in his, “I’ll never hurt you, you must know that by now but I want you to submit to this, give me this so every cell of your being knows your pleasure belongs only to me.”

“Okay,” she whispered. Moving her hear with what little purchase she had, she kissed him, gently nipping his bottom lip as she pulled away.

His heart soared, pride and love welling up inside of him. With another kiss, a surprisingly chaste one, he sealed their deal then made quick work of attaching her ankle to the fourth post. He stood back, surveying his handiwork. Perfect, he congratulated himself. Her arms and legs were splayed wide, her whole body restrained and open to whatever he wanted to do to her and today he needed to get through a long list.

“One more thing baby,” he grinned when he caught her eye again, “don’t wear those tiny fucking shorts in public again. Your ass is for my eyes only.”

Anastasia sucked in a sharp breath, stunned at his audacity, “At least I was wearing something over my bikini bottoms. I was practically dressed like a nun compared to the topless beach babes in their miniscule thongs out there.” She knew she shouldn’t bait him, especially when she was tethered to a bed and completely at his mercy but sometimes his overbearingness just got a tad too much.

He dropped his head, looking at her from below his half-closed lids. He downright ignored her argument and picked up the thread of their last conversation, “You still haven’t answered me Mrs Grey. How many orgasms do you think I could give you before you passed out on me?”

She peered at him, narrowing her eyes into slits as she promised herself that the clothing conversation was one she would only temporarily shelve. He was still too riled to be reasonable. “Are we uhm… going to take a break in between or not?”

The wicked grin tugged at his mouth again. With his lips slightly parted he bit into the tip of his tongue and he shook his head, ever so slowly, but giving her a clear no.

Holy cow! One after the other! “Uhm, three?” she tried, hoping that it wasn’t going to be many more than that. She almost laughed thinking that it wasn’t the first time she contemplated the possibility of death by orgasm.

He gave her a small shrug, “Let’s see shall we?” he challenged while climbing onto the bed.

His body heat sent a race of goose bumps skittering across her skin. Now that this was getting on the way she realised that she was definitely ready for round two. There was something about spreading your legs that made your sex feel so empty. She moaned as the splay of his fingers held her breast in place. He closed his hot mouth over her breast, pulling in a big mouthful around the taut peak of her nipple. It took mere seconds for her to get lost in the steady rhythm of his suction. His other hand dipped a finger into her wet opening to test her readiness. Christian groaned against her breast, the vibration humming through her, swelling them further into sensitive, aching orbs. She moaned again, this time in protest, when the slow pump of his finger inside her stopped. Bringing his hand up to her other breast, he spread her moisture over her nipple then thrummed across the tight point with his thumb. Her hips started to undulate, following the same tempo of his suckling mouth.

She wanted to yell at him not to stop when he lifted his mouth from her chest to speak, “We haven’t done this in a while. Are you going to come for me like this?”

Mercifully he didn’t wait for her answer, he could hear her excitement stacking as his mouth went back to work on those luscious globes.

She still drove him crazy, he loved how damn responsive she was. He long ago accepted that he would never get his fill of her. Seeing her like this, writhing under his ministrations, made the pulsing in his pants very hard to ignore. He knew she was close when she arched her back, pushing herself deeper into his mouth. Her breathing was jagged, threaded with little whimpers of need.

“Please Christian!” she begged.

He smiled against her skin, loving the breathless sound of his name on her lips. He quickened his pace and deepened his suction. He stopped the thrumming of his thumb and instead, pinched the hard bud just enough to cause a delicious bite of pain. She hissed. Her body locked, then jerked, coming right off the bed as she came with a long shudder. Her head thrashed about restlessly as she panted a series of yesses, the staccato of them following the crescendo of her rapture. He took her mouth, licking deeply into her. Her limbs may have been jelly then but her kiss was receptive, urgent despite the release, or maybe because of it.

He tore his mouth from hers, his face the picture of knowing arrogance, “Two,” he declared before sliding off the bed.

She wore a stunning blush and was still breathing hard when he got undressed. He didn’t bother unbuttoning his shirt; he simply tugged it over his head, dropping it and his shorts with a dexterity that said everything about his need for her. Her gaze travelled longingly to his pounding length that was hard enough to ache. He wanted in that smart mouth of hers while he returned the favour. When she licked her lips he twitched, desire riding his frame, settling in his balls as they tightened in sweet anticipation. He pulled the short end of the slipknots at her wrists, quickly releasing her arms and lay down beside her. He hardly had time to adjust his position before she was on him, taking his shaft to the hilt. She made full use of her freed arms, one hand gently fondled his heavy sack, and the other grabbed a handful of his ass, all but shoving him down her throat.

“Whoa!” he growled before gnashing his teeth, desperately trying to hold the pieces of himself from flying apart. Fuck!

That mouth of hers was going to kill him. He suffered a brief lapse in memory, forgetting his intention as he focused on not pumping his hips into the welcome heat. Slowly he gained some semblance of control, fighting against the bursts of pleasure urging his surrender every time she rimmed his swollen head with her tongue. There was only one thing for it, he realised. The sooner he got to work on her, the sooner he could let go. He knew she would be very sensitive, his initial touch would be almost jolting rather than pleasurable but it would only last for a moment before she’d be pleading with him to make her come. Gently he parted the plumped lips of her sex, exposing that tantalisingly wet sliver of flesh. He groaned; feeling drugged with the pleasure buzzing through him. The sight made his breath hitch, the smell intoxicating enough to send him over the edge. He offered her a little respite, blowing softly, cooling her with his breath. When he fluttered the tip of his tongue over the centre of her, her pelvis bucked, resisting the overwhelming sensations. She would have squirmed away if she wasn’t restrained.

“Uh-uh,” she managed to protest around him, but of course, he had no intention of stopping.

“Yes!” he countered, hissing the word before sucking her clitoris into his mouth.

The grip of her hand on his ass got brutal, her nails biting into his skin. Her shock was mirrored in the way her mouth faltered around his erection, then doubled the suction she was applying. If he was hanging by a thread before, that thread was now fraying. He pushed two fingers into her, the glide made effortless by her slick hole. Curving his digits he dragged them past that melting spot he knew was hidden there. He matched the rhythm of this mouth with his fingers, getting desperate for her tell-tale contractions, only to feel it a second later. He helped the rippling along by taking a deep pull of the folds that held those pleasured nerves, and gave in to the powerful, primal need to thrust into her hungry mouth. The world stopped, suspending them in a trice of time before they shattered like the shards of glass.

They fell away from each other, chests heaving, their limbs misted with a film of sweat.

“Fuck!” he gritted, as always a little stunned at how hard she could make him come. Well, he thought with a little smile. That got rid of at least thirty percent of his pent-up energy.

“Was number three good for you Mrs Grey?” He was only teasing. He knew damn well she had come like a freight train – again.

“Mhmph,” she mumbled; her reply incoherent and sleepy.

He was up in a flash, scrambling around so he could watch her face, “Mrs Grey, are you passing out on me?”

She opened one eye, too drained to work a single other muscle in her jellified body, “Cntnymore.” She lost the battle with her lid as it shut without volition.

He brushed the damp tendrils of her hair away from her face, “I’ve got more to give you baby, you can’t leave me hanging like this,” he coaxed, his gaze growing soft as he took at her beloved face.

He loved every curve, every plane. She calmed him, quieting the storms that sometimes still raged inside him – like today.

He kissed the corner of her mouth, “One more,” he murmured, holding his breath.

Her chest rose with a deep breath. For a moment he thought the fall of it meant that she’d succumbed to her exhaustion, but she turned her head towards him.

Her eyes opened with a lazy blink as her mouth tugged into a crooked smile, “Fiend!”

Her acquiescence had him hard again in a matter of seconds. A low approving sound hummed from deep within his chest. The vibration of it revived her, her slumberous mind waking up to the possibility of yet another round with her insatiable husband. At this rate she wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow. Again he slipped off the bed and she watched him go, struck by how eager he still looked for more. Her heart rate was still erratic but quickly started on a steady thump she knew would be speeding up in no time at all. Two quick tugs from him had her legs free. She pulled her knees up to her chest with him prowling after them over the bed. He paused for a beat, resting his hands on her knees while he looked at the pouting lips protruding from her joined thighs.

He shook his head, awed, “So fucking beautiful,” he rasped, running the pad of his thumb down her slit.

She yelped, his touch jarring against her tender flesh. One of his hands kept a hold of her knees, pushing them against her chest while the other fisted his straining girth. With his stare glued to her glistening folds he pumped into his clenched hand. She couldn’t drag her eyes away from what he was doing; the grip he was using, the tempo of his thrusts, his riveted expression – all had her sated core tingling with fresh lashings of lust. She hoped he was going to fuck her this time, all the orgasms in the world didn’t ease the aching emptiness she felt if he didn’t fill her hard set of his shaft. Her restless hands sought the sheet beneath her, clawing at it mindlessly.

As always he read her thoughts, “Do you want this baby?” His tone was low, gravely, his expression almost hard with his desire.

She sank her teeth into her lip, nodding at him with a wide eyed stare.

“Like this?” he asked, teasing her drenched slit with a slow slide of his flared head.

She shook her head, her desire naked.

His ash coloured eyes turned stormy, “Stop writhing. Tell me what you want Anastasia.”

“Please. Fuck me.” Her throaty purr was all the invitation he needed.

He let her knees fall apart then hitched one of her legs over his shoulder. On a sure stab he plunged into her, his nuts hitting the curve of her buttocks. Taking his time, he withdrew; enflaming nerve after nerve in her slippery passage. He dragged himself all the way to her entrance where he swivelled his hips before ramming himself back in. Again and again, each thrust came with a grunt that took her closer and closer to the release she could hardly believe was building. His shoulders and forearms were roped with his straining muscles, sheened with the moisture of his exertion and impossibly sexy. She rocked into his pelvis and hooked her leg around his hips in a wanton effort to take him deeper. Her hands went to her breasts, worrying her tight nipples with the pinches she knew would drive him wild. He groaned, issuing a laboured breath as he watched her provocative fingers. By the darkening of his eyes and the flexing muscles in his jaw she could tell that he was close but after three orgasms she needed something more. She needed him harder, she needed him faster and she was more than ready to ask for it.

“More please. I need you,” she moaned. “Harder, I need…”

“I know what you need,” he growled, picking up his tempo to a virtual mechanical pace.

“Who do you belong to?”

Her body set off, racing with abandon to a finish that would surely send her into a coma. Christian wasn’t far behind.

“You, only you,” she exclaimed, already breathless as her back arced with the first spasms wracking through her.

“Oh fuck, yes!” he spat, his form jolting as her body clenched around him, gripping his length greedily.

Her head flew back, baring her neck as she cried his name. She felt his hot mouth on her throat, latching on with a wet suckle she knew was going to leave a mark. He collapsed onto her just as she melted into the bed.

“Four,” was the last thing she heard before sleep took her away.

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117 thoughts on “Spanish Meander – Short Story

  1. Gro Elisabeth Benjaminsen says:

    Hi Monique! Thank you so much for wrighting all of this. I didn’t discover FSOG before after seeing the movie. Then I was hooked 😜, and had to read all three books. After I finished reading the books I felt lost and as if I missed Christian and Ana. I was so happy when Ifound tour blogg😊😍 Thank you a thousond times. You really are a great wrighter, and I hope you can publish all of this in a book or three one day 😊 As I kept on reading I was thinking your story should be made into television series. Deap in my heart I really hope you will find inspiration to wrighe more FSOG fan fiction 😊 Again Thank you💐 I wish you a very nice Easter. Take care xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Wow, I’m impressed that you read the books AFTER watching the movie. We generally don’t feel that it portrayed our beloved characters well. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled that you found me, and read me, and enjoyed. Thank you for commenting, Elisabeth. You’re in good company here; I think we all share a similar experience to yours 🙂


      • Gro Elisabeth Benjaminsen says:

        The movie got me interested in the story, but I totally agree with you about the characters. After I read all the books and also your writing I feel that the movie lost a lot of the aspects of the carachters, and also a lot of the important parts of the story was left out. I hope they will make the next movies longer, so they can get more of the scenes from the booka into the movies. Do you think you will write more FSOG? I really hope so 😊 Have a nice sunday 😊


        • Monique Lain says:

          Yeah, two hours just ain’t enough to tell the story and it’s impossible to see the love between them grow in such a short span of time. Nope, I will not be doing any more FF. I’d like to do a epilogue at some point in time, just to round things off, but nothing extended. The sad truth is that it doesn’t pay the bills…


  2. mona says:

    All these series were simply awesome !!! Love every bit of itt..:D ❤
    It consist a hell of feeling n emotions ..but reading it n feeling it made it worth! 🙂
    I still want more! :p lol.. *series i mean :p
    But one thing i truly wish for it is that you continue a little part of their daughters birth.. like how christian manage her lovely daughter.. then kate n elliots twins 😉 n ohh the wedding of mia n ethan! 😀
    But once again thumbs up for your effort!!! .. ❤


  3. Jessie says:


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  4. Nicole says:

    I enjoyed this short side story. Please write a few more.


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