Right Here Waiting for You

Chapter 34

Christian’s playlist for Ana

Greatest Hits

Right Here Waiting for You – Richard Marx


10 thoughts on “Right Here Waiting for You

  1. Hazel (South Africa) says:

    Omg thank goodness he is alive… I am still breathless from reading this chapter so this is all I’m gonna say!!! ;(


  2. divyaarnavsr says:

    We dont have links attached for christian’s playlist, do we ?
    All others have links.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean? I should have the songs on site and I should have a Youtube channel with all the sings. Do you mean a playlist on like Spotify?


      • divyaarnavsr says:

        I mean there is a link for all your wonderful collection of songs. But I couldnt find links for the songs whichever has “Christian’s playlist for Ana’.
        May be I should try from desktop.


  3. divyaarnavsr says:

    Thanks for the reply. Christian’s playlist dint work. Only image and title. No Problem 🙂 Just letting you know. Love.


  4. divyaarnavsr says:

    Tried from computer. .


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