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Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

One more week to go before our school holidays start. Yay! 🎉 It’s been a helluva term. I’m more than happy to take a break. 👍🏻

If you’re a Jamie Dornan fan you’ll love these pics from the Daily Mail – all thanks to Lissa. 😉

She also sent me the following, an article in The New York Times discussing female submission in a world of dubious consent. I love the last line: “… – even if that includes permission to NOT ask for what comes next.” #FoodForThought 🤔

And I came across this sweet book truth. I’m sure you can relate….


Let’s look at what my reading week brought:

This week I read:

The Man I love by Suanne Laqueur, book 1 in the Fish Tales series, was exceptional for a debut novel, but it was long. Some moments where intense, the dramas deep and challenging as they broke these perfectly crafted character’s hearts. I got a little frustrated with it in the end, but I can’t deny this author’s unmistakable talent. If you’re after an epic saga, this might be just the one for you.

Currently I’m reading:


With this Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas, book 4 in the This Man series, so far, is more than I could have hoped for. I hope I’m not putting the cart before the horse yet, commenting BEFORE I’ve finished the book, but what a wonderful premise. Jesse is madder than ever before, and I’m enjoying seeing him in his full, crazy glory. I also adore that the book is mostly written from his POV.

Witness Seduction by Elle Kennedy is the other story capturing my current interest.

Then, as I’m going away for the Easter weekend, I WILL NOT BE  posting on Sunday the 1st of April, so I’m sharing the April reads with you now:

These screenshots are taken from the Goodreads site and are therefore not live.

I’ll leave you in the hands of this responsible lady…

Whahahaha! 😂😂

Have a beautiful week, girls and if you celebrate Easter, enjoy! 

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Happy St Paddy’s day to those of you who celebrate this fun holiday! 🍀

What an interesting reading week I had, but more about that later. And the reading joy only gets better with the help of Audible. I just love being able to go from reading to listening to my current book, all the while syncing my bookmarked place across devices and apps. Pure joy. I think Micheal Bolton says it best…

Funny stuff! 😂

Then, does your man need help finding just the spot when he goes down on you? Never fear, Lickster is here. An app that teaches you HOW to lick it right!

Whahahaha! I’m not sure about the wisdom of licking your phone from a hygiene point of view, but hey, anything to help the cause, right? 😂😉

This week I read:

Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid, book 7 in the Knitting in the City series was good, but didn’t quite reach the level of amazing I’ve come to expect from this superb author. I cannot exactly say why I didn’t fall head over heels for this one, but what can you do?

Currently I’m reading:

The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur, book 1 in the Fish Tales series. I was super exited to start on this one, and so far I’m not disappointed. The writing is exceptional, the story mature, and the characters are nicely developed. It’s little wonder she made news with this debut novel.

On my shelf I have:


White Knight by C. D. Reiss and With This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas, book 4 in the This Man series. The latter will only land on my Kindle app during this course of this coming week. Yay!

I got this cute joke from Sharon…


That’s it from me for today. I hope you have an exceptional reading week, girls.

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Happy International Woman’s Day for this past week! 

I hope you reveled in all your beautiful female powers. 💕

In the spirit of celebrating all things female, I spotted this is a Wonder Woman graphic novel my daughter was reading, and much as I think pregnancy is a magical thing, I thought it was absolutely hilarious that Wonder Woman suffered the same preggy afflictions as us mere mortals.

LOL! 😂😂

Then, the Laters, Baby! site reports on the Fifty Shades Freed’s DVD release: digital on the 24th of April and Blu-Ray on the 8th of May. Check it out for the list of extras we’ll see on the disk.

This week I read:


The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz was a fabulous read but again a BIG departure from her Original Sinners series. And as a side note, recently I’ve noticed that she’s scaled down on the bedroom antics. This one is especially lite on the lovin’, but it didn’t deduct from the interesting twisty tale.

Scenes From the Hallway by Penny Reid, book 6.5 in the Knitting in the City series, was a very short novella filling in some blanks as the preamble to Marriage of Inconvenience. It’s definitely worth while reading this free book if you are into the series in general.

Currently I’m reading:


Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid, book 7 in the Knitting in the City series, and The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur, book 1 in The Fish Tales series. I’m particularly keen to start on the latter. This author has won a slew of amazing awards for this debut novel. #ExcitingStuff

By now you are well aware of my love for animals, so this meme shouldn’t come as a surprise…

LOL! 😉😂

Have a brilliant week, girls. Hopefully you’ve unearthed some great reading treasures. 

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Another busy week as we hurtle – headfirst to Easter. Is it the same for you? Time going faster and faster the older you get? 😝

And speaking of time, or rather age, I saw the following trailer this week, a movie about a mature lady’s book club who decides to read Fifty.

It looks hilarious! 😂 It is interesting to note that this Fifty related film is from Paramount, not Universal Pictures. 🤔

Unsurprisingly, Freed is doing well at the box office. Forbes reports “Fifty Shades Freed Tops $300 Million, Pushing Fifty Shades Trilogy to $1.25 Billion.” Pretty amazing for a story that got its start from Fan Fiction.

Then, the week before last we had a giggle about a cake/vajayjay faux pas, but then I saw this and decided that nature wins hands down when it comes to hooha looking creations…


And it’s not just the girls…

Whahaha! 😳😂

This week I read:


Rule by C.D. Reiss, book 3 in the Corruption series. It was bloody intense, and as always, her writing is exceptional, but UG! The female protagonist must be one of the most frustrating characters I’ve ever read. And if criminal life in the fast lane, inopportune nooky, and constant drama isn’t for you, steer clear of this story.

Kiss Cam by Anie Michaels was a very sweet read. It’s ideal for those times when you need a break after a hectic series and you’re looking for something lighter. Cam is the quintessential perfect boyfriend.

Currently I’m reading:


The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz and Scenes from the Hallway by Penny Reid, book 6.5 in the Knitting in the City series.

This tweet made me smile:

LOL! 😂😂

Have a brilliant weekend, girls. Let us know if you find something fabulous to read!

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Wow! We’ve had a deluge of rain these past few days. We’ve gone from stinking hot to pouring showers. Finally we’ve seen the wet summer we were promised! But I see Europe is freezing. Good luck, guys. Keep warm. ☀❄😎

Seeing as the movie is still a hot topic, both Lissa and Sharon shared this: Fifty Shades of Corden…

Too funny! His face! 😂

Then, I thought this was pretty funny: famous hotties trying to make unsexy words sound sexy. Watch them curl their tongues around “moist” and “supple” while they smolder at the camera…


This week I read:


Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre. I enjoyed it, for the most part. I liked the peek she gave us into the fashion industry, and there was a slight twist – which is always fun, but the resolution came too easily. I felt that it let an otherwise good story down.

Ruin by C. D. Reiss, book 2 in the Corruption series, pushed the envelope of plausibility a little. And damn if that chick can do anything she’s told. At times I just wanted to throttle her. Nevertheless, I ate it up with a spoon and went straight to book 3! #CanYouSaySucker? 😜

Currently I’m reading:


Rule by C. D. Reiss, book 3 in the Corruption series and Kiss Cam by Anie Michaels, book 2 in the With a Kiss series.

In a couple of days we’ll see the dawn of March. This is what will be on offers from our fav authors:

These pics are taken from the Goodreads site.

In an effort to stay young and hip I’d thought I’d follow the selfie sharing masses and send you a dick pic…

Whahahahaha! Thank you, Lissa 😉😉

Let’s hear from you, girls. What are you reading?

Have a beautiful weekend!

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

How are you this fine weekend? We’ve been in the throes of incredibly hot weather and volatile storms, not that I’m complaining. I LOVE the rain and I’m happy to bask in the heat before the cold snap of winter. 

So? Has everyone recovered from the movie? I guess it comes as no surprise that the LA Times reports on Freed cleaning up at the box office, but it is very interesting to see the marked drop off in sales over the course of the series. Under those circumstances it’s no wonder that the last installment was lackluster. I suppose it’s no point in giving it your all for a paltry predicted $33 mil. in the US. We certainly noticed the absent promo for Freed. 😜

This is completely unrelated but I came across an article in Cosmo and it got me thinking about just how big a role the internet plays in our world and lives. This bakery made a cake, a beautiful one at that, but the “geode rock cake” was ridiculed when internet trolls pointed out it looked like a vajayjay.


Admittedly, I can see they have a point, but damn peeps, within the context it’s pretty clear the confection is not as dirty as troll minds. LOL! This, however is a hooha fail of epic proportions…


This week I read:


The Cad and the Co-Ed by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid, book 3 in the Rugby series, was another lovely offering from this great duo. It checked all the boxes: hot, persistent guy, strong heroine, adorable kiddo, a good measure of drama, and hot loving. What more can a girl want?

Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland was another good read by this consistent writer, but if I can nitpick, I’m beginning to see a pattern in her writing. I hope she breaks the mould with her next one.

I also enjoyed Spin by C. D. Reiss, book 1 in the Songs of Corruption series, so much so I went straight on to book 2. Think grumpy, sexy mafia Don meets Upper East side princess.

On my shelf I have:


Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre and Ruin by C. D. Reiss, book 2 in the Corruption series.

You may not know this, but I’m quite the animal lover. Thought I’d share this pic…

LOL! Puppies indeed! 😉😂

Have a fabulous weekend, girls. I’m off to date night with my hubby to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 🎉

Between the covers book club & Fifty Shades Freed movie review

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Seeing as we’re celebrating the month of luuurrrvvve, I thought I’d kick off with some Valentine’s fun courtesy of the evergreen Liam Neeson…

Cute, huh? 😍

Then, I’m sure you’re all eager to hear about my Fifty Shades Freed movie experience – or perhaps not. Maybe you’ve already seen the scathing reviews and are fully aware of what’s to come. Spoiler alert: I won’t be pulling my punches, and if you want to love the movie regardless, this review is not for you. STOP READING NOW if you don’t want to hear my honest thoughts.

Firstly, let me start by making something very clear. I know nothing about movies and how to make ‘em, but I do feel somewhat qualified to comment in the light of my card carrying Fifty fan club membership and good ol’ common sense. By that same token, I know it is very easy to criticize from the comfort of my armchair, but again, with what I feel is a deep understanding of the Shades franchise characters, the holes were NOT hard to find. Also, I have never expected the films to represent the book in every minute detail. I fully understand that the written word does not necessarily translate to the silver screen. Having said all that, this final installment officially broke my heart. 😔

With the last movie I commented that it felt like a highlight reel, a picture book of the best bits, but that it lacked the time each scene deserved. There was no way we could immerse ourselves in the development of the threads that made up the bigger picture of the story because they were on to the next before you could take a breath. Freed was set at the same break-neck pace, but the sad fact was that we didn’t see the scenes come to fruition at all, save for the end of the book.

Take the topless scene, for instance. We saw Christian getting slightly irritated (not furious – as he did in the book), the whole scene builds to the bedroom shenanigans and should culminate in lots and lots of hickeys – Christian’s cunning plan to teach Ana to obey. But the latter part was not present, so we didn’t get to see their confrontation and eventually the resolution – the two of them growing, changing, and compromising in their fledgling relationship. That was the whole point of the scene. Showing us just half of it was, well, pointless.

The same goes for the Aspen nightclub fight. Where were the fisticuffs? I know I saw it in the trailer, but it was markedly absent in the film. IMHO they should rather have cut the clip entirely than just show half. That time could be spent developing another important scene to its full glory instead of the chopped-up bits and incoherent pieces we saw. And don’t get me started on Ana’s orgasm denial in the playroom. I have no words for the lack of anything real in that moment.

I was looking forward to seeing Jamie’s interpretation of CG losing himself in music, singing out loud to his family’s astonishment. But the tender moment lost its meaning when the scene was moved to the Aspen trip rather than his parental home where his healing and progress could touch his mother’s heart, solidifying her son’s partner choice unequivocally.

Then there was the ice-cream scene. Though it was a cute, why on earth would we need a filler clip THAT IS NOT FROM THE BOOK but neglect to complete the ones that are in the actual story? The longest love scene in the whole movie, the one they spent the most time on, was again, NOT IN THE BOOK. To me, it makes no sense.

But the thing that got to me the most, that made my heart ache, was the watered-down version of our beloved Dom. The jealousy, the hotheadedness, the controlling man’s man was absolutely absent. There was NOTHING of the beautiful flawed persona searching for himself through the love of his life. None of his growth or his newfound self-awareness. Personally, I believe that the movie was pandering to the “abuse criers”. This “lite” version of CG had no depth, no intensity, and seemed fake in his “perfect pretty boyfriend” nature. This bland and overly palatable version of the man was directed to appease the mainstream. How very sad. 😔

But it wasn’t only Christian’s personality that had an unwelcome makeover. Their relationship with all its severe ups and downs was smoothed to unrealistic marital bliss. Every argument between him and Ana was so easily resolved, it simply melted away in their mutual tidy capitulations. Where was the volatile passion, the angst, all the frustrations as they sought to find their way? And it seems I wasn’t alone in my disconnection. The audience around me laughed at the most unlikely parts. It was disconcerting. #SadFact

Let’s talk about the bits we saw in the trailers that weren’t in the movie: Christian emerging from the water ala James Bond, Christian swinging by Elena’s after he learnt that he would be a daddy, and Christian taking a shot at the poor guy making eyes at Ana in the Aspen nightclub. And then there was the end of the movie (queue dramatic drum-roll plus an eye roll from me). Picture Ana watching CG whilst talking a stroll down memory lane, flitting through her memories in a way that basically equated to a montage of the previous films. Again, what a waste of time. They left out vital parts in lieu of looking back? WTF? As I mentioned earlier, I understand that we can’t have 10 hours, word-for-word, straight from the book in the film, but some pivotal excluded clips, like their argument regarding Ana’s marriage vows, her father’s hospitalization, and her birthday, would have been great to see instead of a recap.

Stylistically I have to admit that filming back-to-back was a good idea. Visually the film certainly felt part of the previous one, so that, at least, was nice. And I have to compliment Jack Hyde’s performance as played by Eric Johnson. To me, he was the only plausible character, the only one who was represented accurately in both his nature and the original plot.

Well, ladies. That was a mouthful. I’m sorry the news isn’t better. I guess the question is whether we can simply shrug off the mediocre offering to blue-blood fans or if we cry out with the injustice of the utter misrepresentation of our favorite book boyfriend. Let’s hear from you. Perhaps you felt differently? Maybe you saw something I missed? All opinions welcome as long as you play nice! 😎

Here are some other reviews thanks to Katherine and Sharon:

The Atlantic bemoans the sequel right along with me and the US Weekly site gives us 50 Reasons to See Fifty Shades Freed. The latter is funny stuff, and the US Weekly’s number 47 is for you, Lissa!

This week I read:

Prince Charming by C.D. Reiss was great. I always appreciate her exceptional research, the story built around impressive facts and realistic characters.

Currently I’m reading:


Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland and The Cad and the Co-Ed by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid.

In the spirit of St Valentine, here is some good advice…

Lastly, here’s to good books that’ll never let you down..

Have a lovely weekend, girls. I hope you feel happier with the movie than I did…