Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies ;)

Just as a final nail in the rumour coffin, here is an article from Sky News confirming that Jamie is here to stay. I found it on EL James’s Facebook page.

I saw this during the week and absolutely loved its simple, flawless logic:


Word! ;)

So we know that OPI has an FSOG nail polish line, and I’ve seen some beautiful Fifty Shades nails, but this one shown on the Laters Baby UK Facebook page takes the cake. 


It’s the movie poster!


This week I read:

dw fn bp bb1

Decker’s Wood by Kristy Dallas was, as predicted, a fluffy read; entertaining but empty.

First Night by Lauren Blakely, book 0.5 in the Seductive Nights series is a prequel novella that I’ve had on my shelf for ages. It was one of those “free” books from Amazon and I liked the blurb. However the book itself, to me, was a sore disappointment. I shall not be venturing into the rest.

Beautiful Player by Christina and Lauren, book three in the Beautiful Bastard series, more than made up for my lacklustre book week. This read rocked my… uhm… knickers! LOL! Awesome book and if you’re not yet acquainted with this fantastic duo of writers I suggest you meet them ASAP ;)

Beautiful Beloved, also by Christina and Lauren, book 3.6 of the Beautiful Bastard series, is an in-between novella. It filled in some sexy gaps between the mains reads and was just as yummy as the full book.

Currently I’m reading:


Dylan by Jo Raven, book four in the Inked Brotherhood series. I love this series; intense and spicy, and this one seems to be no exception.


These are the books we can expect in March from our beloved authors:







Again, I apologize for the quality. These are screenshots taken from my Goodreads list. Please note that the “more” links in the text aren’t live.  Personally I cannot wait for Tiffany Reisz, Kylie Scott, and Katy Evans’s latest releases! ;)


Have a beautiful week, girls and don’t forget to share your favorite reads with us!

Monique xx

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies :)

Thank you for your support so far in spreading the love for Erika. Here is the letter again if you missed it the first time:

Final letter

Drop me a line via email if you want me to mail it to you in a higher quality JPEG file. You can see the whole post here. Please feel free to share in any way you can.

This little piece of info is very disheartening; CinemaBlend reports that due to the unclear path of the way forward for Darker the movie may not be ready by Valentine’s Day 2016… 

Of course, along with the staggering number of reviews for the movie, the jokes are flying…





This week I read:

tight f

Tight by Alessandra Torre was a fantastic read if a little intense. The premise is certainly a global issue that needs to be addressed. This would probably not the the book I would start with if you’re reading her for the first time, but well worth a read anyway.

Floored by Melanie Harlow, book three in the Frenched series was great. Very entertaining; a steamy, sweet read.

Currently I’m reading:


Decker’s Wood by Kristy Dallas, so far, is what I refer to as a poolside read. Lighthearted fun.

I’m not sure where I’m going next. I’m not ready for something too heavy but I need more than an empty fluff of a read.

book store

LOL! :)

This also made me laugh…


Hope you have an awesome weekend, girls! 

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More interviews and clips…

Hello girls ;)

Just a quick check in – I hope you are all having a great time watching the movie and seeing our darling characters come to life. Just as a matter of housekeeping I’ve “unapproved” the blog comments that make mention of feelings toward watching the movie as I’ve promised no spoilers. I will “re-approve” them again tomorrow in an effort to share; so if you can’t find your comment, that’s why ;)

I’ve also debated with myself whether to post the links I’ve been sent to so many reviews out there, but I’ve decided against it for two reasons. Firstly, there seem to be only two groups, the yays and the nays. As was the case with the books, there are those who hate it, will never love it, and won’t ever understand our obsession and deep love for this story. These are the guys still touting it as abuse, etc. That’s fine – each to his own – but I had hoped that as the general, dominant ideology of the world regarding this book changed people’s view on all things FSOG that folks would mellow with time. Alas, ’tis not so. The other half adored the movie, just like we loved the books. Secondly, there are just too many and as we’ll have a thorough discussion here tomorrow I don’t see the point of bogging you down with hundreds of links from people who do not share our views on this gripping love story. I have no problem with anyone liking or disliking the movie; I just cannot stand the naysayers not liking it simply because they think FSOG is beneath them somehow.

Dakota on the Jimmy Fallon show:

Jamie eats Christian Grey ;)

Ana’s transformation:

Jamie interview with Kelly and Michael

Dakota interview with Kelly and Michael

Funny spoof….

Check out this Yahoo Fifty Shades featurette

Thank you again for all the great bits of info you girls share with me. Love hearing from you!

This cute one from the Laters, Baby UK Facebook page



See ya’ tomorrow! ;)

Monique ;)

6 Days away….

Hello girls ;)


No pre movie release weekend will be complete without a little taste, right?

Today show snippet plus interview

Though the first screening was last night I’d like to ask that we keep the spoilers to a minimum. If you have any suggestions regarding a date you’d like us all to chat about the movie, let me know. Some time after the 13th? 

See ya’ tomorrow with the book club ;)


8 days to go!

Hello, ladies ;) Me again!


In fact, you’ll be hearing from me more often than not over the next few days. Hope that’s okay as we count down to what will possibly be the biggest event of the year as far as our little world is concerned ;)

As the Today Show is committed to showing an actual movie clip every day this week I’m happy to share it with you..

Click this Today Show link if the above clip does not display. Watch to the very end of the clip as there is a little extra scene at the tailend ;)

We also have another TV spot: What is it about elevators? *sigh* 

Susan shared this with me, an article by Variety stating that the movie is well on it’s way to making $60 000 000 on opening weekend! It only cost $40 mil to make, so there! Profit? Done and dusted! Wow, what a return, huh? 

Love all the info from you guys I wake up to. Thanks again for sharing!

Treats from Universal studios…

Hello girls ;)

Ug! The anticipation is maddening, and the flood of FSOG treats at the moment are not helping me contain my excitement. LOL! 

cg and a

Universal pictures was kind enough to grace me with the following links:

An extended TV spot:

Hopefully this link works throughout the world. 

And OH BOY! Another delicious actual movie clip:

Just in case the above link doesn’t work in you country, click here for another one.

For those of you who missed it the first time I posted it; here is an interactive tour of Christian’s apartment:


Here’s a fun article; an interview with Kate on the Today Show that also features a tiny little movie clip

Then, a fascinating article by Variety that offers a glimpse into the movie’s “less-is-more” marketing approach

And a little MORE because we simply can’t get enough – the French trailer thanks to the Laters Baby UK Facebook page:

Again, thank you to all the girls that so readily supply me with clips and info.  I appreciate you thinking of me and all of us in our happy little FSOG obsessed family!


Between the covers book club

Hello, ladies ;)

How is this happy Sunday treating you? Again I have lots of goodies to share. I can hardly keep up with all the yummy versions of trailers and their mash-ups! Not that I’m complaining ;)

PicMonkey Collage

Lets start with version 3 of the “all in one” trailers:

This is a super cute interview with Jamie and Dakota:

They also did a deliciously steamy photo shoot for Glamour magazine. You can read about it in this article by the UK Mirror

Sylvia Day posted this titillating titbit on her Facebook page: 

11 Seductive lines to make your partner go weak in the knees by


All excerpts from the books we love to read ;)


This week I read:


The Club by Lauren Rowe, book one in the Club series. It was certainly an interesting theme and chock full of hot, broken man who falls hard for the sweet girl – all very typical of our genre, and for me, maybe a tad too typical. I gave it a reluctant four stars but only because there are no half stars on Goodreads.

Currently I’m reading:


The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting. Seems I’m on a lukewarm book streak the the moment.

I don’t know where I’m going next. Maybe I should  reach for one of my failsafe authors.



That’s all from me today, girls. Hope you have a beautiful day!

Monique xx

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