Between the covers book club

Hello, Ladies :)

How are all my girlfriends in Grey doing? One more week before the start of our summer school hollies. Yay!

I saw this on Buzzfeed: 12 books by Indie authors. Have any of you ladies read any of these? I’ve read and enjoyed Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan, and the Frenched series by Melanie Harlow was great, but the Driven series by K Bromberg didn’t really do it for me. Let us know if you recognise any forgotten treasures in there :)

With all the trendy young guys out there these days, is this what we can expect from our future granddaddies? ;)


Then, this cute link is from Sharon: Fifty Shades of Black…


This week I read:


Thirty Nights by Ani Keating, book one in the American Beauty series, was an interesting experience. It’s my understanding that it was originally written as FSOG Fan Fic. For me, it started out as a two star read, the homage to Fifty simply too much. It came with its own broken, despotic billionaire complete with the prerequisite bodyguard, the Spanish artistic best friend (who may or may not feel romantically for our heroine), and the irresistibly vulnerable virgin. Throw in some odd grammar at times and I was pushing through only because of some VERY strong recommendations for this book. It took me up to just over 40% to become truly captivated by this story, but once I did, I was hooked. As the story unfolds, the male protagonist’s tale is what makes this book REALLY engaging. His scars are much deeper than Christian’s, the repercussions of his condition making life with him infinitely more complicated. And it all leads to a hella’ cliffie that I now cannot wait to jump off of! I say bring on book two already!!

Currently I’m reading:


Last Night by M. Pierce, book two in the Night Owl series. I maintain my previous stance on this book: it’s a very intriguing premise, but right now, at 70% complete, it’s lagging a little. It did, however, recently deliver this beautifully true quote:


This sign outside a tile store made me smile…


LOL! ;)

Have a beautiful weekend, girls. See ya’ next Sunday!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, Lovely Ladies ;)

How are you this fine weekend? Here’s a little pic that I thought you might relate to:

like a boss

Very cute, huh? Or how about this one?


LOL! :) 

Well, this week’s reading saw me back on my book-happy horse – if there is such a thing ;) Great books galore! Yay! Gotta’ love when you’re on a good run, reading wise. So, without further ado, let me share my week with you:

This week I read:

rcm ac

Reclaim Me By Ann Marie Walker and Amy K Rogers, book three in the Chasing Fire series. Do you remember, right at the very height of the FSOG hype, many books came out with a little silver sticker on the top LHS corner that claimed they were “Similar to Fifty Shades”? Some lived up to the plug but many disappointed. Sometimes I would read one and think, hell, aside from the fact that it was printed on paper, it was NOTHING like Fifty. Or, worse, it was a poor imitation. They simply seemed stale, but not THIS one. The Chasing Fire series has rekindled my love for the Fifty Shades-style book. Yes, it pushes all the happy Fifty buttons but somehow remains fresh, and book three did NOT let me down. In fact, I would go as far as to say it was the best of the trio. Well worth the purchase if you’re looking for all the good things a hot, billionaire Alpha brings to your sexy reads.

Nuts by Alice Clayton, book one in the Hudson Valley series, was fantastic. Girl brought her A-game for this one. Though Wallbanger was a breakout success, by the end of the Cocktail series I felt the cookie-cutter format was beginning to lag, but damn, did she break away from that mold? I Loved this steamy, witty read.

On my shelf I have:

tgp tq

The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan, book three in the Game On series; and The Queen by Tiffany Reisz, book four in the Original Sinners series – and sadly, the last in this EPIC tale.

Thanks to Goodreads, here are some of the fabulous books we’ll be seeing in November:






Please note that the links aren’t live as these are screenshots from the Goodreads site. Also, if you’re a big Goodreads fan like myself and you’re keen to share reads with other ladies who enjoy our genre, please share your Goodreads name in the comments for this post so w’all can find you! You can find me on Monique’s Goodreads. Naturally, you can decline any Goodreads friend offers as you see fit.

reading glasses

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, girls!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies :) 

How is this happy Sunday treating you? I vote for a three-day weekend. What do you say? LOL!

Not much happening in the world of FSOG ATM, but I had a little giggle at this clip while looking for fun to post: Yoga for wine lovers…


This week I read:

mtm th

More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs, book one in the Chasing The Dream series, was a fluffy, poolside read featuring nerdy love in the form of a reality music show a-la The Voice. It was cute.

The House by Christina and Lauren was a massive departure from this duo’s normal style. The paranormal story features a living house that becomes VERY unhappy with the new love in it’s “son’s” life. It was well written but in no way anything near what we normally read from these authors, and the lovin’ was on the light side. If you’re looking for a good, chilling story then look no further, but DON’T expect the likes of Beautiful Bastard or Wild Seasons.

Currently I’m reading:


Inhibitions By Kimberly Bracco, book one in the Uninhibited series.

On my shelf I have:


Wrong by Jana Aston

Here’s a little life advice to make you smile…


Have a good one, girls :)

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Between the covers book club

Hello, Ladies :)

The ONLY good thing about getting a cold is that you end up with lots of time to read. And that’s precisely what I did this week as I struggled to breathe through my blocked nostrils! So, we have lots to talk about for this Book Club post.

But first, I came across this clip: a guy now famous for making a man-bun! Watch carefully….

Did you see it? Did you see how quick he is?? LOL!

Another post that caught my eye was this genius idea from Afrique Femme….

wine1 wine2

Yes, why not carry your box wine in an elegant handbag and have access to your vino – any place, any time?! LOL!


This week I read:

nk msm c

Naughty King by Michelle A. Valentine, book one in the A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale series, was not for me. The book has some merit but bitchy men is simply not my thing no matter how skilled they may be.

Ms. Manwhore by Katy Evans, book two point five in the Manwhore series, was cute but had little substance if you exclude the heat between the sheets. Despite it being a novella, I would have loved to have seen some drama in the run-up to their wedded bliss.

Claimed by Elle Kennedy, book one in the Outlaws series was AWESOME. This type of read it right up my literary alley – delicious tension, a touch of menage (oh holy hotness!) and a whole lot of action. This book is not your average brazillionaire-meets-timid-girl-and-turns-in-his-playboy-card read. Instead, our book Mc Hottie is a bad-boy hailing from a post apocalyptic earth, though it doesn’t fall in the futuristic or supernatural genre. I liked it so much I’m giving it my Best of the Best award, but with a side note that this kind of story might not appeal to all of you.

BOB png

Currently I’m reading:


More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs, book one in the Chasing the Dream series, so far, is pretty cute….

On my shelf I have:

cdc th

Colton’s Deep Cover (Deep) by Elle Kennedy and The House by Christina and Lauren. I’m looking forward to the latter as the horror theme seems to be an absolute departure from their normal, sweet-side-of-love style…


 LOL! ;)

Have a great weekend, girls. Don’t forget to share your latest reads with us! 

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Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, Ladies of Grey *winks to MAC*

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A worthy cause, girls – so do those breast exams and keep your sexy boobies healthy!  (o)(o)

ven button1

Kereny is so close to finishing the translation for the Spanish readers! You’ll be happy to know that she’s given me yet another chapter to publish before she goes on a well deserved break. Find chapter 66 in the sidebar! Happy holidays, Kereny! ;)

Then, I thought I’d play ambassador today and share with you how me make ’em Down Under…

So? Anyone want to come visit Aus? LOL! ;)


This week I read:


Dark Wild Night by Christina and Lauren, book three in the Wild Seasons series was great. The cute and sexy nerd-lovin’ was fun and refreshing.

Currently I’m reading:


Naughty King by Michelle A Valentine, book one in the A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale series, so far, is not my thing. I’m REALLY hoping that the A-hole male lead becomes likeable very soon….

One my shelf I (almost) have:


All the books from last week plus Ms Manwhore by Katy Evans, book three in the Manwhore series which is being released tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with a little handy advice….


LOL! :)

Have a good weekend, girls!

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Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello Ladies of Grey *wink, wink, MAC*

Happy Father’s Day to all the Aussie dads out there, and especially to MY hubby ;)


Then, thanks again to Kereny’s hard work, I’ve posted chapter 63 for the Spanish readers! Yay!

ven button1

Not much happening in our Shaded world ATM, but Susan shared this with me: Variety reports on James Foley being offered the director’s job for Darker.


This week I read:

c hrtt

Connected by Kim Karr, book one in the Connections series was, as far as I’m concerned, one of the most cliched books I’ve read this year. It received glowing reviews on Goodreads, and it is my understanding that the ending has one helluva twist, but sadly, I did not get that far. This was not the book for me, but perhaps you’ll find your bliss reading this.

His Risk To Take by Tessa Bailey, book two in the Line of Duty series was another good read from this great author. I love the action/hot loving/strong, sassy girl/protective guy combos these books deliver so well.

Currently I’m reading:


Mid-Life Love by Whitney Gracia Williams, book one in the Mid-Life Love series.


Hope this made you smile :) 

Have a stunning weekend, girls. Don’t forget to share your best reads with us, or simply check in to say Hi!

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Spanish chapter

Hello Girls ;)

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What a treat for the Spanish readers! Kereny has sent me ANOTHER newly translated chapter! Please find chapter 62 in the sidebar! Yay!


I don’t know if you’ve seen this, or if the quality is good enough to see, but damn, I thought it was super funny! 

Have a happy week! ;)