Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

I hope your reading week was deliciously entertaining. Mine certainly was. 😉

This, apparently, is the extended trailer, already marked trailer 2…

As far as I can tell it’s the teaser trailer blended with the trailer. I suspect we’ll see a lot more little bits of the movie during the festive season.

I liked this meme, not that I have many actual books, but if my reading apps were to manifest themselves in real life, I suspect that I might be called a book hoarder:


Let’s look at what I read this week…

This week I read:


The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney Perry, book 1 in the Jamison Valley series, was good, but a touch implausible. From the reviews I had high hopes for this one, but I wasn’t blown away.

Beard in Mind by Penny Reid, book 4 in the Winston Brothers series, was fantastic. And she took the bedroom antics up a notch. It was a nice touch, made for a great all-rounder read.

Currently I’m reading:


Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or Bowties)/Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reid, book 1 in the Professor series and Defiant Queen by Meghan March, book 2 in the Mount Trilogy.

On my shelf I have:

Bodyguard by C. D. Reiss, book 2 in the Hollywood A-List series.

I’ll leave you with this…

LOL! 😂😂

Have a beautiful week, girls. Let us know if you find anything awesome to share.

Between the covers book club 

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Another week of speeding full tilt to the year’s end. I can’t wait for the holidays and my favorite season: blessed Christmas. Yay! 🎉

Well. We sure had a lot of comments on the new trailer. Some very excited ladies and even more nervous ones. Personally I like it but, as the adage goes, once bitten, twice shy. Only, in this particular instance, it’s twice bitten, isn’t it? 🤔Nevertheless, I will absolutely go and see the film. #CanYouSaySucker

I found another version of the trailer accompanied by “Crazy in Love”. It’s slowed way down and, if I’m not mistaken, has a few new angles. Check it out:

And Daily Motion features the French version of the trailer with a few more scenes that we’ve not seen yet…

Thank you, Angelique for the link!

So, I don’t know about you, but I think kissing is just the best thing since WiFi. By sheer accident I stumbled upon this montage, the best kissing scenes from movies…

Pretty yummy, right? 😉

I also saw this, a magnificent library in China featuring clean, gorgeous curves. It houses over a million books.

How beautiful is this place? ❤️

This week I read:


From this Moment by Melanie Harlow should have been wonderful, but despite the tugging on my tear ducts and all the usual goodies, it just didn’t hold my attention. I think it may have something to do with the weak female protagonist. I readily acknowledge the often exaggerated sexual prowess in our genre, but I find it really hard to associate with wishy-washy characters.

Dating-ish by Penny Reid, book 6 in the Knitting in the City series, was another of this writer’s works that went straight onto my favorites shelf. I am already suffering from withdrawal as this was the last book in this range as it stands now. The next one will only surface in March 2018. #SadFace 😔

Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz, book 6.3 in The Original Sinners series, was not quite what I expected. Though her books are ALWAYS good, this one seemed just a tad less to me.

Griffin in Wonderland by Tiffany Reisz, book 0.3 in The Original Sinners series, was, in contrast, right on target.

Currently I’m reading:


The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney Perry, book 1 in the Jamison Valley series, Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (also known as Kissing Tolstoy) by Penny Reid, book 1 in the Professor series, and Gauze by Tiffany Reisz, book 2.3 in The Original Sinners series.

I’ll leave you with more wisdom for life about staying young…


That’s it from me, girls. Have a stunning weekend. Don’t forget to spare a thought to those who died for the freedoms we enjoy every day. #LestWeForget

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗 

How are you this fine weekend? Again I’ve had a lovely reading week, so I’m laughing. 👍🏻 

Monday sees the release of the full trailer for Freed, so I will share when I have it, but, in the mean time: here’s a tiny little taste…

Sneak peek, indeed! 😉

Then, as I like nothing more than to support a worthy cause 😉😉, check out the 2018 Australian Firefighter’s Animal calendar….

The wombat!! So cute! 😉😂

Not much other news to report today, so I’ll get on with sharing my reading week…

This week I read:


Embrace Me by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers, book 3.5 in the Chasing Fire series, was a cute little bite of the original books, a closer look at their wedding.

Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid, book 4 in the Knitting in the City series, was another phenomenal book by this author. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m gorging on Penny’s books, but I have to make a little confession here. The first time I got told about the series I wasn’t very interested. A group of ladies knitting? I did so not see the appeal, but, I. Was. Wrong. I’ve loved every one, actually liking them more and more as I go on. I’m dreading finishing the series.

No surprise that I followed book 4 with book 4.5 (Ninja at First Sight) and book 5 (Happily Ever Ninja), the story of Fiona, the wise and married woman of the group. Despite the fun walk on the wild side by way of James Bond shenanigans, it has to be one of the most honest looks at real-life marriage that I’ve read in our genre. It made for one helluva’ refreshing read. Again I’m giving both my Best of the Best stamp of approval.

Currently I’m reading:


From this Moment by Melanie Harlow and Dating-ish by Penny Reid, book 6 in the Knitting in the City series.

Lastly, just because I like to be a helpful friend, I thought I’d give you some advice on how to get a good looking lawn…

LOL! 😂😂

Have a good weekend, girls. Please share your best bookish finds with us.


Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

What a ridiculous week it’s been. And it seems my weekends exist solely to catch up on the things I drop in the week. Will it ever slow down again? Phew! Luckily I’ve had a (mostly) magnificent reading week. 😉

I found this delightful edit featuring ZYAN on YouTube:

I also see that the Seattle Independent Press site is open once more. Click this link to mosey about their virtual business.

As I mentioned last week, I subscribed to the new genre streaming company, Passionflix in an effort to watch Hollywood Dirt. I’m not entirely equipped to fairly rate the service mainly because the majority of the content is not yet available in Australia. We can only access Passionflix’s original material. Now that I’ve watched Hollywood Dirt, I will end my subscription until something else comes along that I’m keen to watch. As for the adaptation, my feelings are lukewarm. Despite the added time (just over 2 hours) it still feels rushed, the cut of the film flitting the protagonists from scene to scene with no real depth, and despite the heat of the love scenes, I’ve not been able to discern a smidgen of chemistry between the characters in their day-to-day interactions. Oh well. Fortunately I wasn’t extremely invested in this specific book. However, it does make me nervous to see how they’ll adapt the This Man series. If they screw up Jesse I may never forgive them! LOL! 😱

This week I read:

Cole by J. B. Hartnett, book 2 in The Leaves series. I was shocked stupid by this novel. I’ve read previous books by this author and enjoyed them immensely, but this one? Not so much. Virtually the whole book consisted of dialog. It reads like someone deliberately edited out all the descriptive scenes, leaving the reader with conversations that only begins to make sense halfway through the paragraph when you start to realize that the characters are in a different place now, doing something new, with somebody else. It. Was. Strange. Sadly, my frustration with feeling lost got the better one of me and it went on to my DNF pile. 😜

Love Hacked by Penny Reid, book 2 in the Knitting in the City series, was, so far, my favorite. I cannot express how much I’m enjoying this range, but, it has to be said, it’s very lite in the boudoir. That might be a consideration but frankly, the stories are so solid, the characters so lovable and interesting it doesn’t deduct from your reading pleasure. It’s been acwhile but I’m bestowing my Best of the Best award on this beauty.

Ruthless King by Meghan March, book 1 in the Mount Trilogy, by contrast, was hot as bacon fat, pretty good overall, but it ended on one helluva’ cliffy! We’ll see how that pans out when book 2 is released next month.

Currently I’m reading:

Embrace Me by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers, book 3.5 in the Chasing Fire series, Beauty and the Mustache, book 4 in the Knitting in the City series/book 0.5 in the Winston Brothers series, and From this Moment by Melanie Harlow.

Before I go, let’s look at some new releases we’ll see in November…

As always these screenshots are taken from the Goodreads site. I suspect that Grey’s version of Darker will be on the top of most of our lists.

Here’s something that made me smile…

Aahhh, the good ‘ol days. 😂😂

Hope you have a readtacular weekend, girls!

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Already our stores are packed with Christmas goodies, so I guess the end of the year is near. Wow. It sure has flown by. What have you been up to this week?

I found this clip, an edit of both the current teaser trailers for Freed:

Not sure if it shows us anything more, but good to share while we wait for the official full trailer in November.

I’ve taken the plunge and subscribed to Passionflix simply to watch Hollywood Dirt. I will let you know my thoughts when I’ve found the time to watch it. 😉


This week I read:

tials tiaws fwbs

Two is a Lie and Three is a War by Pam Godwin, book 2 and 3 in the Tangled Lies series. As I mentioned last week, this author certainly captured my attention, but at times, not for the right reasons. The female protagonist was extremely poorly developed, but the plot elements were solid. As a fellow writer I was very curious to see where she went with her tangled trio. She does write beautifully, her words painting a vibrant, interesting story, but ultimately the plausibility of the characters let her down. A good recommendation if you enjoy boatloads of angst and drama.

Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid, book 2 in the Knitting in the City series, was a stellar read. I loved everything about it and I especially enjoyed Penny getting a little more adventurous when it came to the love scenes. 😉

Currently I’m reading:

c lh

Cole by J. B. Hartnett, book 2 in The Leaves series and Love Hacked by Penny Reid, book 3 in the Knitting in the City series.

On my shelf I have:


Ruthless King by Meghan March, book 1 the Mount Trilogy.

I’ll leave you with something important to ponder:


Because language is organic and new words keep things fresh. LOL! 😂

Have a fantastic week, girls. Let me know if you find anything AMAZING!

Monique kiss

Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

I hope you’ve had a lovely week. It was another busy one for me but delightfully capped with spring showers this weekend. Perfect for reading.

So, from your comments, I see we have A LOT of opposing feelings regarding Christian’s version of Darker. As much as I would like Erika bring it in spades with this new edition, I’m not very hopeful. But, undoubtedly, I’ll buy and read the moment it hits the virtual stands. It’s not yet available for pre-order, but click here to add it to your Amazon wish list. 

Then, I found this: Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams. It’s a great choice for the movie, I think. 

I’ve heard very little about Passionflix so far but I see Hollywood Dirt – the movie – is finally here. I’m super curious to hear your thoughts and if it’s worth subscribing to this new streaming company. See how to subscribe here if you’re keen to learn more.

This week I read:


Mischief by Tiffany Reisz is a very cute novella featuring Nora and her delectable toy-boy, Nico. As far as I’m concerned you can NEVER go wrong with the evergreen Ms Reisz.

Hard Ball by C. D. Reiss was a lovely read. A good story, well written. What more can a girl ask for?

One is a Promise by Pam Godwin, book 1 in the Tangled Lies series, was a very interesting read for me. Interesting because the book was filled with contradictions, ones I have to admit, would probably not bother most folks the way they bother me. So please take the negative part of my review with a pinch of salt. Firstly, for me, the female protagonist was really hard to swallow. Her personality was so incongruous it made her implausible. Secondly I found some major plot holes that bugged the hell out of me. This didn’t mesh well with the author’s moments of brilliant writing or the exciting story line. Strange, right? Nevertheless, the intrigue was more than enough to make me hit that one click button for book 2. Take note that book 1 ends on a helluva’ cliffy and you should most definitely read this range in sequence. This was a rec from Diane – thank you, girlfriend. I always like getting book lovin’ advice from you guys. 👍🏻

Currently I’m reading:


Two is a Lie by Pam Godwin, book 2 in the Tangled Lies series and Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid, book 2 in the Knitting in the City series.

Here’s a word of advice on useful vegetables….

Truth! LOL! 😂😂

Hopefully we can all recharge for the coming week with an awesome-sauce book. See ya’ next week, girls.

Between the covers book club 

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗
We’ve had our first spring rains and a few days of super high temperatures, so summer is well and truly On. The. Way. Yay! 🎉

I had a lovely reading week, but we’ll get to that in a bit.
Don’t you just love how FSOG has permeated our culture? It’s touched so many things. One might even say it’s become the benchmark for kink to those who don’t practice the lifestyle. Dancing With The Sars is no exception as it gets the Fifty treatment with this dance’s steamy start in an elevator…

Oh-la-la! 😉

And in the interest of public safety I thought I’d share this gun safety commercial….

Oh dear. Can you imagine?? 😂☺️ Thank you, Katherine for keeping us safe! 😉

This week I read:


Dear Bridget, I Want You by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward was great. I’ve come to expect good things from this duo and they delivered exactly that.

Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid, book 1.5 in the Knitting in the City series, was another top shelf read. This author’s imagination is amazing.

The Scent of Winter by Tiffany Reisz, book 6.2 in the Original Sinners series, blew me away. Tiffany ALWAYS brings it. Whether the book is a doorstop or a short novella, as is the case with this one, she never wastes a wonderful, wicked word.

Racer by Katy Evans, book 7 in the Real series, was interesting. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this one. On the one hand, technically, it should be a futuristic novel. With Remy and Brooke’s son all grown up we’re looking 22 years ahead, yet there was NOTHING to indicate a future time. She wrote it as a current, contemporary novel. I find this strange but I’m almost certain most readers that aren’t purist in this regard wouldn’t find it a bother in the least. On the other hand, she made a good effort to recapture the intensity she had so well pegged with Remy and Brooke. If I had any complaint I’d say that perhaps she tried a little too hard. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it if Real was a series you loved.

Currently I’m reading:


Mischief by Tiffany Reisz, a (free) novella featuring Nora and Nico and Hardball by C. D. Reiss.

In closing I’ll bid you farewell with what happens when your have boys on your mind…

LOL! 😂😂

Have a great week, girls. Hope you find joy in a lovely book!