Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 😉

How are we all doing? How many times have you watched the trailer by now? I’ve seen dozens of posts dissecting every aspect of it, but this one by Elle Magazine was a fun read. Thank you, Susan for the link. 😘

Now that we’ve had a peek at Darker, it comes as no surprise that Fifty Shades fame, coupled with the trailer, broke some records – again. Not least of which is the dethroning of “The Force Awakens” as the most watched trailer in the first 24 hours of release. See The Hollywood Reporter post for more. #AmazingStuff

Another cool thing I found this week was an actual recording of Golden… Remember, in Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, when Brett Kline came back into Eva’s life along with his band’s hit single he wrote about her? That song, Golden, is now a REAL one… Listen to it here. I’ve heard many rumors of a Crossfire TV series in the works, but I’ve seen no concrete progress. Perhaps this is it? Let’s hope…

And then, look at this very naughty statue! Wow, that’s some bedroom acrobatics!


Oh my…. ☺️

Before we start chatting about our book week, I wanted to mention one last thing. If you like to put a face to the name of your favorite book boyfriends (and girlfriends), check out this nifty board on Pinterest. This clever gal’ posts (unofficial) pics of the main characters in our genre. Pretty handy, IMO 😋


This week I read:


3 stars

The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas, while certainly a classic in the overbearing bodyguard/vulnerable waif genre, didn’t deliver on the raw and fiery passion that we had with the delectable Mr Ward, Lord of the Manor. The bond between the two characters seemed shallow, built on physical attraction, and not much else. And while I enjoy a good “can’t-keep-my-hands-off-of-you” story, this one seemed to miss something. Pity. I was sooooo looking forward to more of the fireworks we saw in the This Man series. Also, when you go into a book with a certain expectation, it’s very hard to remain impartial when you want to offer a review reflective of the story. Keep that in mind if you’ve not read ANY of Malpas’s books before. But, if Jesse is a book boyfriend of yours, I reckon you’ll feel the same.

On my shelf I have:


Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe, book one in the Billionaire Bad Boys series. The cover alone seems promising, right? 😉

Lastly, as I am a conscientious blogger, *wink, wink* I thought I’d share with you some valuable info – compliments of Sharon:


Safety first! LOL! 😂

Have a great weekend, girls. Let us know what you’re reading 🤗

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Between the covers book club

Hello there, girls🙂
Our weekend dawned bright and sunny. Hopefully it’s a good indicator of what’s to come this summer. Yay!

Before I get into this week’s post, let me apologize first. If you got an email notification that I posted this week’s book blog already, please dismiss. Instead of saving, I hit publish wayyy before I was done. Again – I’m sorry! 😳

Then, as we look forward to the trailer I thought I’d share this:

On Instagram, from jamiedornan_fangirl, this great edit:

And on Pinterest, I got this lovely one…

Christian in his wedding kit, though I recall from the book that he wore a silver vest…

Though not related to CG, I love this little clip Sharon sent me of the statue of David….

So cute!😉


This week I read:


3 stars

Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett, book one in the Sugar Bowl series, was, as far as I’m concerned, the prefect example of the difference between a three and a four star book. Overall, the writing wasn’t bad. The editing was okay, and even the story had potential, but it lacked the dazzle that keeps me gripped. Mercifully the ugly in her past was explained in a discreet manner, and for that, I was grateful. And I may have peeked at book two after the cliffy ending, ***SPOILER ALERT*** but the way the male protagonist manhandled her out of his house and his life, killed any possibility of Beck reaching book boyfriend status in my world. What a d!ck!

Currently I’m reading:

Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland, book one in the MMA fighter series. After my crappy reading streak of the last fortnight I decided to go for a sure thing. I’m yet to go wrong with this reliably entertaining author. #ViKeelandRocks

On my shelf I have:

To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne, book one in the Wedding Belles series.

In conclusion, here’s to being your best and most colorful self:

I hope you guys have a great weekend! If you’re reading the next best thing, PLEASE share 😘

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Between the covers book club

Hello Lovelies😉

How are you all this fine weekend? I hope you had a fabulous book or two to indulge and lose yourself in.

With the movie wrapped I’m curious to see what we’ll have to ogle while we wait for the trailer, but for now, we have some things to fuel our Shady obsession:

The 50 Shades of Grey Support Facebook page posted this lovely collage:


I love the dark and dangerous feel of it…

The Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories Facebook page reports on an update of her Jamie Dornan fanpage. If you are a Jamie fan this one is a must for you.

Then, I came across this biking pic:


Perhaps some fun “honeymoon” activities added to the movie?

And lastly The Stir features an article on Erika taking over the Fifty Shades Instagram account with some candid inside scoop shots. See those and more including this one of her with Eric Johnson:

Eric Johsnson and Erika

Cute, huh?

On an entirely different note, with fresh violence rearing its ugly head around the globe, I’d like to use my tiny corner of cyberspace to say this:



This week I read:

cotc bm

4 stars             4.5 stars

Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton, book two in the Hudson Valley series, was just as I predicted: sweet with a honking side helping of charming. You gotta’ love a hot man of few words, one who KNOWS how to use his hands😉

Bossman by Vi Keeland was a great standalone by this prolific author. I thoroughly enjoyed full-of-himself Chase falling hard and fast for Reese.

Currently I’m reading:


Broken Prince by Erin Watt, book two in The Royals series. I was stoked for this one to come out. Book one ended on a killer cliffie.

On my shelf I have:


Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey, book two in the Shine Not Burn series.

As we’re seeing the back of July retreat in the rearview mirror of life let’s look at what August will bring:






 Exciting stuff. I so love getting this monthly email from Goodreads.

Here’s one for the voluptious among us…



That’s it from me, girls. Let’s hear from you and your adventures between the pages of a lovely book!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies🙂

As the last days of my holiday dwindle into nothing and winter keeps us in warm woolies here in Aus, let me say that I’m still happily luxuriating in some lovely reads. I hope you’re having the same great luck in the book department.

This week I came across this stunning pic on the Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories Facebook page: the wedding!!


So beautiful. *swoon*

And on the same site, a movie poster showing off Christian’s intense stare…


Nice one, huh?

On YouTube Dakota shares her inhibitions during the filming of Darker:

Over the last few months I featured a lot of pics from the Fifty Shades Girl Portland site. She always has the latest set pics and news. Thanks to Susan, check out Cosmo having a good chinwag with the Portland Girl herself.

And lastly, E News highlights the top things we’re apparently looking forward to seeing in the movie.

Before I start the book club, I thought I’d share these cute light switches😉


Cute AND practical🙂


This week I read:


4 stars

Always by Nina Lane, book five in the Spiral of Bliss series, was a beautiful finale to a beautiful story. Throughout the tale Liv and Dean faced many big demons, but this book proved their most trying time. Keep your tissues handy for this one, girls. Thank you for the lovely gift, Susan!😉

Currently I’m reading:


The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz. I’m so stoked about this book because I ADORE this imaginative author. Though I’m not quite done, I am thoroughly enjoying this standalone. I know her BIG series, The Original Sinners, is epic, so if you’re keen to give her a go without investing oodles of time in a monster range before you get to know her, this one showcases her style and astounding writing prowess beautifully.

On my shelf I have:


Moonshot by Alessandra Torre. This is another I’m looking forward to reading. So many good ones out at the moment. Yay!

So, we all love unicorns, right? Now we know why they aren’t around anymore…



Have a great day, girls. Let us know if you’ve struck literary gold.

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies🙂

How are you this fine weekend? Our first week of winter brought a deluge of unexpected rain. Go figure. Luckily, it’s not been cold enough for me to complain. Yet :) 

Though completely unrelated to our FSOG world, this article from the NY Times made me snigger. Kentucky Fried Chicken flavoured nail polish. Decide between Original favour or Hot & Spicy – truly finger licking good – or not?


Imagine chewing nail polish off of your nails and tasting KFC?! LOL!


This week I read:

bib kig

Bride in Bloom and Katherine in Gold by J. B. Hartnett, book one and two in the Beachy Bride series was fantastic. These somewhat off-beat books approach our genre from a slightly different angle, making for a stunningly refreshing read. If you’re looking for something beautifully romantic, lead by subtle alphas who know precisely what they want, then this might be the series for you. (You can also read them as standalones) I enjoyed these grown-up stories enough to given ’em my Best of the Best award.

BOB png

Currently I’m reading:


Fighting Forever by J. B. Salsbury, book five in the Fighting series. As mentioned before, I’ll be working my way through these hot fighters, but I think I’ve noticed a new sub-trend in our genre. Typically we have our MC books, our tattooed rocker books, our bad boys, or our billionaire Doms, but lately I’ve been reading more and more stories of stripper redemption. Is this something you’ve noticed, or is just me?

Then, as we’ve started a new month, let’s see what June will bring:






There are a few ones I’m looking forward to: Tiffany Reisz’s new offering, The Bourbon Thief, Idol by Kristen Callihan, and Melanie Harlow’s Man Candy – Yay! As always, these screenshots are taken from the Goodreads site.

I’ll leave you with this little joke:


#Truth! LOL!

See ya’ next week, girls🙂

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies🙂

Happy, happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day

And just for this auspicious occasion, I thought I’d get you a handy home appliance…



Cottoning on to the conversation we’ve started last week about new scenes being included in the movie, here are some pics of Christian going down in Charlie Tango. Seems we won’t just be hearing about it from Ana’s panic, but rather, we’ll see him and Ros in all the scary action. Thank you, Susan for the links!

charlie tango

This pic is from the Fifty Shades of Grey Fan site. See larger pics here, and here.

What’s Filming has more behind-the-scenes information and pictures of the Charlie Tango set.

As we’re knee-deep in sharing the pleasure books bring us, I would like to pass on this gem from Sharon:


Such truth. Love it!😉


This week I read:

lm t

Ladies Man by Katy Evans, book three in the Manwhore series, was great. With this book Katy reconnects with what I believe she does best: the burning yearning build-up between two skittish would-be lovers. SPOILER ALERT: there are very few writers in our genre that can get away with holding off on the hot lovin’ until the bitter end of a book but still keep you enthralled. Interesting technique to keep you wanting more…😉

Throb by Vi Keeland, book one of the Life on Stage series, was another awesome read. I loved the premise. And I always adore a story of a man who knows EXACTLY what he wants! *wink, wink*

Currently I’m reading:


Deception by Aleatha Romig, book three in the Infidelity series.

On my shelf I have:
c mp

Calico by Callie Hart and the highly recommended Mr. Perfect by J. A. Huss.

this man

Also, I’ve started a slow reread of Mr. Ward, Lord of the Manor again. I LOVED Jesse the first time around, and this time seems no different, but I’m noticing one helluva update. As was the case with the recent Crossfire series, the intimate language is softer and further, I noticed that she’s removed A LOT of the (British) Englishisms, some of which were a little off-putting in the original text mainly because they were heavily overused. I like the changes, but would love to hear from someone who’s read it recently and can compare notes with me. If you’ve not had the pleasure, check out Jodi Ellen Malpas’s Beneath This Man series

I saw this little joke. It made me laugh. Men, huh? Oblivious! LOL!


I wish you a beautiful day, and if you are lucky enough to be a mommy, I hope you get spoiled and take a moment to remember what a blessing it is to carry the honored title of mom. One last time:

happy mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies😉

Sorry I’m a little late today. How are you this fine weekend? I’m finally on holiday! It’s a short one, but a break nonetheless, one for which I’m endlessly grateful. Rest. Yay! 

There’s no real news to report on regarding the movie as far as I know. I guess the next big thing will be the trailer release which I imagine would be round the September mark. I have to admit that I’m EXTREMELY curious to see what Erika’s done with her vision. 

I did, however, come across this: an Oxfam shop that received so many pre-loved copies of FSOG that they managed to build a fort…


LOL! Not sure if that’s an appropriate one for little kiddies to play in, but personally I would love to live in a house built with books ;) 

As far as my reading week is concerned, I ditched the two books I was reading (because life is too short to read cr@p) and decided to reread the Crossfire series in preparation for the final book coming out this week. Rereading is not something I easily do, but considering my deep love for this particular story, I thought I might give it a go. So, if you were waiting (breathlessly) for my review of Vi Keeland’s debut, Belong to You, book one in the Cole series, it’ll have to wait. I started it but can already tell you that she’s definitely improved with time. 

This week I read:

bty riy ewy cby

The Crossfire series by Sylvia day. I’ve never had the opportunity to review the first two offerings of this delicious range on the blog because I read it prior to starting the book club, so, here goes: initially, the first time I read book one, Bared to You, I was absolutely shocked by the overwhelming similarities between this story and FSOG. So much so that I almost felt incensed for Erika’s sake. Yet, the story kept me riveted. I was so desperate for MORE of Fifty, that I took it, any way I could get it. Book one led to book two, Reflected in You, and this was where the series REALLY came into its own. The story is gripping and poignant. Gideon is broken in ways that very few people would be able to identify with, but still, he is endlessly lovable, and my personal favorite book boyfriend. Initially Eva has a real issue dealing with their volatile love, a love that burns hotter than the sun, but the two of them grow beautifully through the dramas in their lives.

As far as I know, the series was originally meant to be three books, but before the release of the third, it was announced that the series would be a five book range instead. Naturally, I had mixed feeling: on the one hand I wanted – desperately – to see the conclusion to the story, but on the other, it offered more books in a well-loved series. I think the latter would have felt truer if the wait between the novels wasn’t so ridiculously long. As it was, you almost lost touch with the story between books which made every sequel thereafter feel slow, dragging even, rather than a natural evolution of the story. It also didn’t help that release dates kept changing on a disappointingly regular basis. However, now that I’m rereading, I have to admit that, with the pleasure of going from one book straight to the next, I’ve gained a new perspective on the flow and progression of the tale. Also, strangely, in the mean time, since I’ve read soooo many other books that’s based along the FSOG lines, this time, I could appreciate it more for the brilliant story that it is. It’s not without its faults, but to me, it is the ONLY “similar to FSOG” book that showcases the burning, indelible connection between a couple the way our beloved Shades did. For this and many more fantastic bits of beautiful writing – not least of which are some seriously smokin’ love scenes – I give the Crossfire series, book one and two especially, my Best of the Best award.

BOB png

I’m halfway through book three, Entwined With You and will follow it up with book four: Captivated by You, before I read book five, One with You, coming this week on the 5th of April. Needless to say, I cannot wait!


If you love this series as much as I do, and if you’ve not already done so, you can check out my Crossfire inspired fan fiction short stories:

Crossfire Meander: Reflected in you

Gideon Meander

On my shelf I have:


Stanton Adore by T. L. Swan, book one in the Stanton series (thank you, MAC), but I’m not sure if I’ll be getting there any time soon. Another favorite author of mine will be releasing a new series this week, which I’m sure will keep me busy along with the new Crossfire. More next week.

I’ll leave you with some of the reasons I ADORE Gideon and Eva’s story…

c2 c1

c6 c5

c4 c3


Beautiful, huh?


LOL! ;) 

That’s it from me girls. I hope you have a stunning weekend and please, share your best reads with us!

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