Sex, lies and videotape… Interviews, movie news and trailers

As can be expected the rumour mill regarding the FSOG movie is – as always – chugging along, and of course a lot of what we hear is precisely just that – rumour. However, the one regarding Stephen Amell seems to be sticking, at least for the time being….

Is he your Christian Grey?

stpa stpa1 stpa2

This is a lovely new trailer starring Matt and Alexis – thank you Moire for the link 🙂

This is the link is to an interview with E L James where she admits to thinking about publishing Christian’s point of view as book 4 for FSOG…


8 thoughts on “Sex, lies and videotape… Interviews, movie news and trailers

  1. Kate says:

    Yes yes yes!!! Please let him be Christian!! My world would be complete if he was!! He even seems to be young enough to play the part!! Some of the people he are suggesting are Way too old!!


  2. atterbury says:

    Monique, do we really think it’s going to happen at this point? There seem to be so many fingers in the pie that it will have cooled too much before they serve it? This gent is on a network weekly show my husband watches and the first time I saw him I thought hmmm possiblities, possibilities! XX, Liz


    • SusanW says:

      atterbury, are you suggesting that perhaps the movie isn’t going to happen at all? Because I’ve been thinking that lately, and it really wouldn’t surprise me. From what I’ve read, that happens a lot — the movie rights are purchased and work gets underway, but it just proves to be too problematic and the whole thing is shelved. Progress on FSOG seems to be taking forever, and I can imagine what the problems would be — tame the story to make it appeal to a wider audience or leave it as is for the true fans, finding actors (who can actually act) who are willing to take on the difficult aspects of the roles, etc. I’ve always had mixed feelings about a movie, and recently I’ve really started to wonder if it will actually happen.


      • Monique Lain says:

        Oh Susan, I think we’re all getting a tad panicky about that. It’s certainly possible and Hollywood does often drop projects. The last serious piece of news I read (if even that is to be trusted) was this week and it stated that they were still convinced that the movie will come out in the Summer (Yours)…. Let’s see… 😉


    • Monique Lain says:

      I don’t know Liz, I agree with you, the whole thing might have cooled off so much by the time they get their behinds into gear but I’m still optimistic… or crazy.. LOL! 😉


  3. Karen says:

    I believe he portrays quite a lot of the facets of Christian’s personality on his show The Arrow, and he does it well. He could easily fill the role. And in the looks department…he’s right up there! He looks like a young billionaire, too. I think he has that GQ male model look that Ana sees in Christian. He would be my ideal Christian.


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