Lookie, lookie…

I thought I’d share this with you after my dismal reading week last week… From book slump to yummilicious books galore! Yay! 

Happy, happy reading, girls! 😉 

10 thoughts on “Lookie, lookie…

  1. Katherine says:

    happy days Monique,
    I’ve preordered the Meredith Wild book so I’ll probably get my copy tomorrow happy reading


  2. Valerie Gibson says:

    Yes!!! I bought the first 4 Meredith Wild books but haven’t read them yet. And I love Christina Lauren 😄


  3. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Omg lots more yummy books to read. I’m excited


  4. MAC says:

    OMGosh… My Ipad froze back on the 6th and I just posted way back there cause I was getting worried something had happened to my L.O.G.S!! My hands were sweaty! And not in a good way! I almost broke out the “Ativan” to calm my anxiety. Rebooted… And there you were!! Happy claps!!
    Read Under My Skin… Loved it gotta say. Then I just went off into some easy but sexy “hockey jocks” from Sawyer Bennett. Alex & Ryker.
    So read the sample for HardLove… So iffy. I am afraid I will get to the end and she will not finish it!! They are not exceptionally long either. GAH… I did get “Sexy” though. Anyone got news to tell on Hardlove… Friend or foe!! If she makes me wait for another book she is off my list!!

    Oh ladies so glad I rebooted y’all. Missed ya.



    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello dear friend! Thank you for being concerned for us but, as you can see, luckily all still here and still digesting the latest reads! Happy that you’re still with us! I finished Sexy, will review tomorrow but not jumping for joy, and just started Hard Love. If this is NOT the final book I will be EXTREMELY grumpy!!! Will let you know how I go, but so far I’m struggling to engage. It’s been so long since the last book I can’t remember who the characters are and how they fit!! LOL! And her series isn’t enticing enough to spend time rereading. I’ll just have to hope I catch up as I go.


  5. MAC says:

    Yeah… “Sexy” seemed kinda not what I was expecting from this author in particular. And I am only 2-3 chapters in. Then I saw you were not jumping for joy so I cowardly abandoned ship early! Maybe it will grab me later… You are usually spot on for me in your instinct… So hoping you like the HardLove book just out. I went running back to my easy reading hockey jocks!!! Sex on skates!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh my… Nothing wrong with hot hockey jocks! Which ones specifically? Share your hot jocks, please? LOL! Sexy wasn’t bad per se, but I was hoping for a much more interesting read considering the content of Three, Two, One, and in Sexy, the main characters stay super fit jumping to some pretty skewed conclusions. It made it seem unbelievable. That, coupled with “crazy-balls” sex scene had me lost…


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