Say it with me, girls: yay!

Lookie lookie what sneaked onto my Kindle app….



19 thoughts on “Say it with me, girls: yay!

  1. Nerissa says:

    Hi Monique lol! Arent u lucky I pre-ordered mine and got it this morning so I’m so excited to reading the final book. Enjoy reading!


  2. Dawn Carey says:

    My book One with you arrived this morning a big surprize from my fantastic husband xx


  3. aimeerhiannon says:

    My copy arrived while I was at Uni. Boyfriend may have run away when he saw my face whilst I was jumping on the bed..
    I’ve read the first page so far, but I’m too squee-ish to keep going.


  4. Sheila H. says:

    Lucky you Monique. I had already bought the books before I bought a Kindle so I have to wait until tomorrow when I go shopping to get my copy of the book. I just did not fancy having half the Crossfire books for real and the other half on Kindle.
    So tomorrow I will be saying Yah!
    Finally the last book, we fans have waited so long for it all to come to a happy conclusion.
    Hope you and all my fellow readers are well, take care now and happy reading.


  5. MAC says:

    Girlies… Just finished Captivated… Whew. I have to say I really liked it. I know why I love Gideon and it was a great fill in for their relationship struggles. Plus we saw a meeting between Clancy and Gideon ~ interesting. My book 5 just dropped so I will start Thursday!!! Hope my LOGS are starting this weekend too. No spoilers!! God it is going to break my heart if Sylvia does not due Gideon the justice and story he deserves…
    Be positive until proven otherwise. Okay lets go with that…and a huge glass of wine!! GIDEON-UP…



  6. Ineke Taai says:

    Please no spoilers…. I have to wait another month…..the release in Holland is may 3….But Please enjoy !!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no! A month?! That’s a long way to go!! I will be reviewing though, so be careful to avoid if you don’t want to hear my thoughts, but most likely, it will just be my opinion rather than content spoilers. 😉


  7. Omg ladies I have just finished reading this book and it is just fantastic. Won’t spoil it for you but if you love the series this book will definitely deliver. Enjoy


  8. MAC says:

    My Ladies… Stayed awake until 3 with Gideon. Finished it and now I have to think about it. Reread last chapters cause it was confusing for me to grasp at first swipe. I know no spoilers. But we are discussing the book right? Feel bad for the lady who has to wait a month!!
    I cannot say that I am disappointed I think Gideon rocked all the way to the end. What I am contemplating is the direction and lose ends… So Monique I guess as a writer you eventually have “to choose a path and go down it” is that how it happens or do you think as authors you grab onto what is most important to you and finish that in the story. Cause there is a whole bunch she left undone. I know it was a monstrous series ~ 5 books but you know I could of read straight into a 6th. I have to say the strongest thing is her loyalty to the characters. And it wasn’t like 50 shades with the BDSM or This man series. Rereading it you see it is centered on the life of Gideon and Eva. Yeah there is hot sex aplenty for sure but I thought I would be let down cause of its length but that is not the case. I do however have to go back over the Monica part… I just did not get it.
    💋 Hugs


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