Mid week teaser

Hello dear readers!

You’ve had a little taste but here’s another…

“…Just over a week between publications I calculate, a little more panic hiking up the rate of my beating heart. I feel the burn of his pewter eyes on me, carefully assessing.

“No. I don’t mind,” smiling I fight the dry swallow my throat wants to work. “Anyone interesting?”

Still watching he speaks in a measured tone, “She’s a freelance writer, known for her candid exposes. I’ve e-mailed you her bio, her name is Sasha Cameron. Check it out, tell me if you feel comfortable with her.”….



Thank you to Ravenfanatic who passed this on to me – an interview with Sylvia Day about her Crossfire series



Thank you Paola for the next Italian chapter, posted just now!

Happy day!

Monique x

33 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. Katherine says:

    I think Ana is starting to feel a bit jealous already! This is going to be great I can’t wait


  2. Barb says:

    I already don’t feel comfortable with a woman doing the exposé, especially a woman named Sasha!! Nooooo!


  3. lindaday says:

    Don’t have a good feeling about this Sasha,let’s see what Ana has to say, can’t wait. Thanks 🙂


  4. Gayle says:

    Hi Monique, I was able to read Beautiful Stranger and loved it, thanks for the recommendation , now I just need to find my Christian, my Gideon or my Max. 😉


  5. Mrs. G says:

    Sasha Cameron, huh? Where have I heard that before? Lol! Friday, get here!!!


  6. Janien Meissner says:

    O,o, this is going to be very interesting! Cannot wait for Friday to come.
    For a lot of reasons and most of all the next chapter! I am thinking of writing something myself…….but need a kick in the …. to do it! (Although my son tries every day) xxxxx Janien


  7. yolanda says:

    dont like how this sound, but we do have 2.5 ana maybe she can kick it up a knot. 4.5 or straight to 10. if she needs to,


  8. Peg says:

    Hmmm I love reading “Sasha Cameron’s” blog on hrr writing if the other menbers of the Grey and Kavanaugh families as well as the other chsracters such as Jason, Gail, James. This so be exciting. Hope Ana can tolerate it, especially if pregnant. Christian will have to really step it up in the assurance and cherish department and not get impatient or exasperated with her attempts to overcome her insecurities issues. I feel a lot of heartache and pain coming her way. Better triple her visits to John. She’s going to need them.


  9. Maggie says:

    Ugh, not liking where this could go – Monique, my trust in you is limitless but I’m aleady stressed about this Sasha-chic…I will breathe deeply, keep an open mind, and focus on baby news to get through the article(s). Is this chapter 50 or the GQ Meander that we are waiting for so anxiously???


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Deep breaths, deeeeep breaths! Ah Maggie, 50 chapters on you should just relax and let it unfold…. 😉 Chapter 50 this weekend, the GQ article, in all likely hood, next weekend.


  10. marion Evans says:

    Dont know that i like this Sasha…… Roll on Friay x


  11. Kaz says:

    Sasha Cameron , hey ?! Think I know her… Lol.. Great writer.. I think Ana realises maybe it has to be a woman, but sensing already she is uncomfortable with it. ! lucky Sasha. 😉


  12. tracy says:

    Poor Ana, she is agreeing to this expose, but she is going to be fat and pregnant and emotional while women are stalking her husband. This could get ugly…can’t wait 😉


  13. […] about to make a guest appearance in Fifty Shades Meander by Monique Lain.  You can check out her Mid week teaser […]


  14. kassie says:

    when will you posting the next chapter?


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