Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

We are roasting here in Queensland as a sizzling heatwave hit us this last week. And we have yet to see our hottest month! Eeek! 😳

As far as movie news is concerned, in all likelihood, I will be seeing the movie on the evening of the 8th of February.


Not long to go now! ❤️

Entertainment Weekly reports on the release of the Darker soundtrack which promises to be every bit as successful as the first movie’s.


Apparently it’ll be a panty-melter 😉

Then, have you ever wondered what it would be like if the tables were turned for Christian and Ana, with her as the Domme and him as the sub? See this grin-worthy Barbie parody clip for some role reversal giggles…

Cute, huh? 😉


Currently I’m reading:


Commander in Chief by Katy Evans, book two in the White House series. Sadly, so far, this one is dragging on. I fear you we’re right, girls, when you warned me last week, but I’m hoping to push through.

On my shelf I have:


Egomaniac by Vi Keeland.

I don’t know whether this is truth or tale, but I’m guessing you don’t particularly care, right?


LOL! 😂😂

Have a happy weekend, girls!

Monique kiss

16 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sheila H. says:

    Thanks Monique, loved the Barbie clip. I liked it when you hear the male voice saying ouch that hurt! It made me chuckle.


  2. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique,
    Well it’s bloody freezing in my part of the world, the sort of weather that would have me cuddling up in front of the fire and reading but nothing is keeping me occupied.
    Number 1 son is in hospital in Thailand apparently he was at some 24hr beach party pissed as a fart when he got cut between his toes, he didn’t realise until the following day when he couldn’t walk so went to the hospital it is badly infected so has been on an antibiotic drip for 2 days and will be in hospital until the 16th. He should be in Vietnam by now so everything is up in the air. You know me well enough by now Monique so you can just imagine the state i’ve been in lol I told hubby if he doesn’t get out of hospital on 16th he’s going over!! Hopefully all will be well and I can get stuck into my reading again.
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no! That’s so hectic, Katherine. I don’t blame you for being worried. What mother wouldn’t be? And in another county, where he doesn’t speak the language? I completely understand your worry. He’s not alone though, is he? 😔Thank the Lord he’ll be right as rain soon! As for your chilly weather, send some our way, please? Yesterday we hit a scorching 37C! If it was only hot it would be okay, but combined with the humidity it makes for a stinker of a day! 😜


      • Katherine says:

        lol if we hit 37 deg over here the place would probably go to ashes 😕 we’ve had -1 for 3 days very crisp and cold.
        I meant to say I’m sorry that you feel the same way about Commander In Chief as Mac and I.


        • Monique Lain says:

          LOL! No worries. I was warned! But I’m curious about why it fell so flat in it’s face. I’m only halfway in now, but damn, MAC called it last week when she said even the lovin’ was limp. It’s just all so bland!! 😜


  3. Sharon says:

    Can’t get over the calf muscles on the guy in heels. Golly wolly!! Course…he has a few more muscles. Changes my visualization of a butcher shop, for sure. Definitely makes me think about meat.

    And Monique!!!! WAH!!!! SO NOT FAIR!!! **MAJOR POUT**!!
    How come YOU get to see FSOG on Feb 8th…and the rest of us have to SUFFER until Valentine’s Day?!!! Prepare for some major whining and whimpering in the interim!!! I’m just getting warmed up!!!!

    Finished both Idol and Managed – LOVED Idol. LOVED Managed even more!! What fun story concepts! Wonder if more books will be forthcoming? Jax HAS to be next!! And invoking my beloved David Gandy imagery from the very beginning….oh HELL yes!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!

    And…..VERY. VERY. VERY. excited (can you tell?) about my next read!! None of you will give a flying fig about it – but the concluding book to the Fever paranormal series by Karen Moning will hit my Kindle tonight – and I am sooooo ready for it!! If you can’t tell – I ADORE this series, and the last book ended on the most EVIL of cliffhangers EVER – and I have been holding my breath for this final book. Turning rather blue at this point – but my life will continue as of midnight tonight!!
    Happy Dance!! I passionately recommend this series to you, if paranormal is at all your thing! Fabulous writing – Awesome HOT Paranormal studmuffins – all sorts of very creative creatures. So I’m hitting my high tomorrow – then will be in the depths of despair when I finish the book. One of those books that you can’t wait to finish, but never want it to end!! I’d love to try and wait till Wednesday to read it as I have the day off and could really sink into it – but not sure I have the strength to manage that. Not sure my Kindle could survive me chewing on it until then. Not to mention my clients might look at me a little strangely.

    Enjoy your reading week! I’m absolutely gonna!!!


    • Katherine says:

      Sharon, I love how excited you are about your new book!
      I haven’t been that excited about a book in a long time, enjoy x

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Sharon 😉 IKR? I LOVE a good pair of legs on a man, none of these buff-on-the-top boys with long ankles for me! 😂 As for seeing Darker a day early… blessed me was invited to the Universal Studio premiere event here in Brissy. Very exciting stuff! I got to go with the first movie also. But never fear, my lips will be sealed until our group debrief on that Sunday… And I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed Idol and Managed. They were lovely reads. I just adore how beautifully she developed Scottie! And wowzer, girlfriend! I’m stoked for you being so stoked about your book! I hope it blows you away! Enjoy every moment! Few things are as fun as sinking into a long awaited book. May your toes curl and your panties melt! 😉😉 Sometimes I’m scared to start a great book I’ve been wanting badly, because I know, once I start it will be over all too soon! Happy week, lovely 😘


      • Sharon says:

        Just so you know…FeverSong is now LIVING in my Kindle. I keep checking the cover (and giving it a kiss or two) to make sure it is still there….but I am showing great strength of will and RESISTING till after work today!! Applause, please.

        And no. You are so not off the hook. I am thrilled you get to go to the premiere event again…I was wondering about that….but how do you translate doing that on February 8th…(and it doesn’t open here until Feb 14th) translate into you “seeing Darker a day early”? Sorry, the whine is still on the table.


        • Monique Lain says:

          Wow! Cheer AND applause for your amazing willpower! How very impressive! 😉😉 Is Darker only opening on the 14th in the US??? I’ve seen 10 Feb for the US, 9 Feb for here! It’s going to be soooo hard to keep my trap shut ’till then!! Eeekk! Now I’m whining! 😂😂


          • Sharon says:

            I decided to put on my big girl panties and join the Look It Up Club!!

            You, of course, are right – and thus win a reprieve from the insane amount of whining I’m capable of!! There are some conflicting sites saying the 14th, but I went to the Fandango site and they say the 10th!! And they would know!! So as usual….you are the source for all things Grey!! Please forgive my threats. They were made due to my passion for Christian, so I know you understand.

            So yay!! Now I can relax and focus on FeverSong happy dance!! 🙂


            • Monique Lain says:

              LOL! I’m going to take a screenshot of this comment and show it to my hubby! ‘See? Your wife is (mostly) RIGHT!!!’ 😂😂😂
              Well then, I’m happy that you can unwhined with your new book! 😂😂 And I hope that happy dance continues right through FeverSong! 😘 #HappyReading


      • Katherine says:

        Monique, I’m delighted you’re getting to the premier again, you must have some friends in high places!! We are getting it over here on 10th but i’m not going so looking forward to hearing all about it & if you say it is better than the first film, couldn’t be worse 😲 then I might go!

        Liked by 1 person

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