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Wow, so I’ve blown up your inbox with all my posts, and I guess we’ve all seen it like; fifty thousand times now, and have nit-picked it to death. I’ve finally managed to get it onto my YouTube channel and I’m sorry that the downloading link doesn’t work for overseas viewers. Can any Aussies tell me whether it worked for them? Here’s my YouTube link:

Also, I found this. It’s not official but beautiful nevertheless:

Okay, so, here’s what I think; negatives first: Dakota, though beautiful, has an edginess to her that doesn’t sit well for me with the wide-eyed innocence I always pictured Ana to have. She seems worldly to me, playing at coy rather than being so naturally. I would have preferred a more wholesome, girl-next-door look for her. Jamie on, the other hand, I feel is too cute. That pretty-boy face doesn’t have the depth of character of a man who’s been through hell and back as Christian has, but I might just be persuaded to forget all about that when he parades around in those low-slung jeans ;) For me; I wanted to see a darker, more rugged Christian.

Having said that, I’m absolutely thrilled with EL James involvement in the movie; that she didn’t just sell the rights and left it there. I LOVED that what I saw in the trailer was an accurate representation of the book and those deliciously seductive lines that CG delivers so smoothly. I cannot wait for him to say, “Keep still,” or “Come for me.” Lastly, I can easily overlook my concern about the actors provided the movie is true to their all-consuming chemistry and that love that just blindsided them. In short, I want to see the SPARKS fly between them, not just sexually, but the way their fragile love CONSUMED them, even when doing the plainest things and I think the trailer delivers a hint of that. Overall I’m much happier than I thought I’d be. I’m honestly excited for the movie.

I say, roll on February! ;)


Download your very own trailer…

I hope this works, ladies, but click the link to view the HD trailer from a beautiful portal and you can click the link below to download it onto your PC and watch it as many times as you like! ;)


Full Today show trailer

Hello lovely ladies :)

Wow, I think we almost blew up the internet last night! I’ll get to your comments during the day but overall I was impressed. I LOVED that they seem to have stuck to the book and those sexy lines from Christian that just makes you melt.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the link to the Today show as posted by the Laters Baby UK page:


Breathless….. It’s here!

It’s finally here! What are your thoughts, ladies?

yes, yess oh yes

You have to wonder; if the hype is THIS big for the trailer, what will it be like when the actual movie comes around?

The Full FSOG trailer is too HOT for morning TV….

Oh my…. It seems that the full trailer is too H.O.T for morning TV so at first an edited version will be screened before the full trailer is released.


See more here:

Are you holding your breath yet?

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